‘Game Of Thrones’ To Have Shorter Season Seven

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Say it isn’t so, Game of Thrones will be having a shorter season seven. Director Jack Bender, who worked on Season six episodes “The Door” and “Blood of My Blood,” is speaking out explaining that it will be a shorter season seven.

This is in response to an interview Vanity Fair, when Bender was asked if he would be returning for the next season.

“I don’t know the answer to that. They’re only doing seven [episodes], and they’ve got their regulars who have done it forever.”

While fans are waiting on every episode to see what happens with our favorite Thrones characters, creator George RR. Martin has promised that these last seasons will be epic and will feature some major twists. George RR. Martin has told showrunners of Thrones three major twists that will be taking place throughout the series. Two have already been reveled to fans but the final twist won’t be shown until the very end of the series.

The first twist came at the hand of Stannis Barathon who sacrificed his daughter Shireen. This took place during the show’s fifth season. The second major twist was show in the “The Door.” Fans found out the origins of Hodor and the White Walkers. The backstory for Hodor was heartbreaking and made for one of the most emotional scenes in Thrones history. The third is yet to be discovered.

Are you disappointed that Game of Thrones will be moving from a ten episode season to seven? Comment below and let’s get through this together.

Source: Vanity Fair

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • Marquis de Sade

    So is HBO penny-pinchin’ again?

    • Jewbacca4722

      Supposedly it isn’t a matter of that, rather a matter of still maintaining the same budget per season, only instead of spreading it out for 10 episode seasons, they put more money into specific episodes to make them even better than they already would have been.

      • Math

        That’s my feeling too. Game of Thrones has been teasing a huge epic finale and if they want to deliver on that promise, they have to inject more budget into the series. Cut out a few episodes and you now have more money to actually accomplish these big epic battles we are all waiting for. I don’t mind less episodes if it means the ones we get are filled with more spectacle.

  • stlang

    I highly doubt it, Game of Thrones is a rich story, and there is still so much to tell, HBO want’s the money, or they’ll regret cancelling it.

    • Jewbacca4722

      If the reasons explained awhile back for the final two seasons probably being only 13 episodes combined are true, then I dont’ doubt it. Those reasons are 1) They have enough ideas planned (from the basics and specifics that they were told) to go beyond just one more season, but not enough to fill a full 20 without extensive filler and 2) rather than spread the budget out for 10 episodes, they will put more money into specific episodes to make the battles and effects even better.

      Things of that nature. Whether or not that is the actual rationality is unknown.

      • stlang

        Seven kingdoms, seven battles. Then maybe a movie for closure?

        • Jewbacca4722

          I’d love a movie!

  • bingeit 45

    i’ll take a solid 7 ep season instead of 10 ep with 3 fillers

    • Nathan_12thMan

      Lol…filler. It could be argued all of Hodor’s scenes are basically filler up until the point of two episodes ago when the reveal happens and the reason we as audience members are so impacted by that moment is because of those “filler” Hodor scenes where we got to know his character.

      There is a difference between “filler” which is basically just B.S.’ing, a cat chasing its own tail, a whole lot of nothing happening, by the end of the episode nothing has actually progressed, and setup. What we get in GOT episodes that you call “filler” is actually setup. Like last Sundays episode. Some call it a “filler” ep but it isn’t, it just has a ton of setup for future episodes in it. We learned about the new Red Priestess, we know were reintroduced to the Frey’s and Edmure Tully, we were introduced to Cold Hands, Arya took a step forward in her development and Danny got the full support of the horde army she has.

      Setup is required in TV shows, but just because this ADHD 140 character attention span generation/culture isn’t getting explosions and deaths and dragon fights doesn’t mean the episode is “filler”.

  • ZeroYear42

    They could be longer episodes? Sherlock Style?

  • Chris W

    I still dont get the 3 twists comment. There have been tons of twists in Thrones.