‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Believes Their Character Will Survive Until The Series Ends

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By now, fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones have accepted that no character on the series is safe from death, especially now that the show has surpassed the story of George R. R. Martin’s original novels. With the penultimate season of the hit show set to debut this summer, fans can likely expect to see a number of fan favorite characters to meet their demise before the series concludes. However, one star of the series is convinced that their character will live to at least see the end of the story. In an interview with The Times’ Walking The Dog podcast, actor John Bradley explained why he believes his character, Samwell Tarly, will survive until the show comes to an end.

Bradley explained that he believes Sam could only still be alive if his character served an important purpose.

“The thing about Sam[is] if he’s still around at this stage, you do suspect that there is gonna be a point to keeping him around.”

Considering Sam is currently in possession of a sword made from Valyrian steel, a rarity in Westeros, fans have long speculated that the character will play a key role in defeating the White Walkers. However, it wouldn’t be the first time the series has killed off a seemingly irreplaceable character and the sword could always be passed on to someone else in the event of Sam’s death. What do you think? Is Sam safe for now or would it be foolish to assume he can’t meet his end on the show?

Game of Thrones season seven premieres on HBO on July 16, 2017.

Source: Walking The Dog

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