‘Game Of Thrones’ Character To Make Unexpected Return In Season 7

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As Game of Thrones draws closer and closer to concluding the epic saga of Westeros, it is to be expected that a few beloved characters will fall and a few familiar faces will return during the shows penultimate season. However, Watchers on the Wall have reported that a character whose death unfolded right before audiences eyes will be returning for the shows seventh season, albeit with a twist added to their unexpected comeback.

It appears that actor David Bradley, who played the repulsive Walder Frey on the series, will be returning in season seven for at least one appearance. Bradley’s official agency resume has been updated to include the seventh season of Game of Thrones, indicating the actor character will play a role in upcoming season of the hit series.

Of course, this may come as a surprise considering Walder Frey was last seen drawing his final breathe after Arya Stark mercilessly slit his throat, an act of vengeance for Frey’s role in the death of her eldest brother and mother. However, considering Arya had recently learned the technique used by The Faceless Men to wear the faces of the dead to disguise herself, it is possible Arya will be assuming Frey’s identity for some period during the seventh season.

What do you think of about the possibility of Frey’s return? What plans do you think Arya has in store, if in fact she is assuming Frey’s identity? Share your thoughts below!

Game of Thrones season seven will premiere in summer 2017 on HBO.

Source: WatchersOnTheWall.com

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