‘Hourman’: Gavin Games & Neil Widener Writing Film For Warner Bros. & DC

Hourman is getting his own film!

Hourman Warner Bros DC Films

Warner Bros. and DC are working on a Hourman film with Chernin Entertainment.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. and DC have tapped Gavin Games and Neil Widener to write the script for a live-action Hourman film, with Chernin Entertainment on board as producers. It’s unkown which version of the character the film focuses on.

Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily created the original Hourman back in 1940. The first version of the character was named Rex Tyler and made his debut in the pages of Adventure Comics #48. A founding member of the Justice Society of America, a superhero team featured in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, Rex was a chemist who gained superhuman strength and speed for one hour a day after taking a dose of his “Miraclo” vitamin.

There have also been other versions of Hourman like Rick Tyler and Matthew Tyler. The former is the son of the original Hourman while the latter is an android modeled after his DNA. Patrick J. Adams played the Rex Tyler version of Hourman on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow while Lou Ferrigno Jr. brought the character to life on Stargirl. Rick has also been featured on Stargirl, played by Cameron Gellman.

Hourman is not as popular as some of the Justice League heroes but Warner Bros. and DC have been trying to give the character his own project for years now. Charm City Kings helmer Angel Manuel Soto recently signed on to direct a film focusing on Blue Beetle, another lesser-known comic book hero.

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Source: Deadline

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