Geoff Johns Aims To Bring “Hope And Optimism” to DC Films

Yesterday, Warner Bros. announced an executive shake up with their numerous film slates. New heads were set for Harry Potter/LEGO films as well as the comedy and sci-fi/action flicks – but of course, the most newsworthy was with the appointing of Jon Berg and Geoff Johns as they have gained more influence over the DC Extended Universe following the fallout from the reception to Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which Warner Bros. felt underperformed.

According to VultureJohns hasn’t confirmed this news, but still gave this response:

You can connect the dots. 

Johns was upfront about where he feels DC’s future needs to go, and per Vulturehe kept repeating this phrase:

Hope and optimism.

Johns also gave his perspective on Superman – who has been depicted in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman in a different light than what many fans would have preferred:

I think people make a mistake when they say, “Superman’s not relatable because he’s so powerful,” he said. I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” He’s a farmboy from Kansas who moves to the city and just wants to do the best he can with what he’s got.’ That’s the most relatable character in the world.”

This is an encouraging perspective from Johns, since the DCEU as of late have been criticized for being too dower and brooding. I feel that these statements should fill fellow comic book movie fans with the hope that this universe will represent the characters as they should be. Even as someone who found enjoyment in Batman v Superman, I still feel that there is still more work and course-correction to be done, and Johns’ “Hope and optimism” for the direction excites me. Here’s to Suicide Squad!

What do you guys think of Johns’ position in the DCEU? Sound of in the comments below.


Source: Vulture

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