Geoff Johns Confirms That ‘Doomsday Clock’ Will Be Bimonthly Title

Future issues of Doomsday Clock will be published every other month instead of every month to ensure the comic's overall quality.

Doomsday Clock

To make sure that each issue of the DC Universe and Watchmen crossover Doomsday Clock can be the best story it can possibly be, writer Geoff Johns confirms that the series will get new issues once every two months instead of once every month.

The crossover, which more cynical fans wrote off as a cash-grab by DC to take advantage of the Watchmen IP, has pleasantly surprised those skeptics and has been acclaimed across the board, as every issue is written with the same attention to detail as the classic twelve-issue series from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. But with that comes a drawback — to ensure that future issues will be up to snuff with the classic graphic novel, Johns has announced that they’ll be spending more time on each issue than they had initially expected:

Illustrator Gary Frank previously confirmed the move to a bimonthly format for similar reasons to what Johns gave, although he remained hopeful that the series could resume a monthly release format before it ends with the twelfth issue. While the knowledge that the series might not wrap up until next year is a bit of a sore point for a number of fans, a good story is definitely worth waiting for.

Doomsday Clock Issue #3 is on shelves now. Doomsday Clock Issue #4 is set for a February 28 release date, while Doomsday Clock Issue #5 will be released sometime in May.

Source: Goeff Johns