Geoff Johns On His New Job With Ben Affleck

So you may remember the internet going crazy recently with the news that Warner Bros. were shaking things up in the DC department and part of that meant a new job role for DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. In talking to recently, Johns explained his current job;

“My job [at the moment] is to help other Warner Brothers divisions work with DC. I work with Warner TV and producers to get these shows up and running, in particular with The Flash, where I co-created the show, wrote a few episodes, wrote the pilot episode. I work with other people, Ames Kirshen in games, the studios like Rocksteady and Netherrealm, go in there on character choices, story they’re going to do and brainstorm on that, try to keep it true to comics”

But when he was asked about his excited new role;

“I do get to say I’m working on Batman with Ben Affleck. That gets the Thanksgiving table excited, especially my brother!”

It seems Geoff Johns is as excited as we are that he’s working with Affleck on Batman. It’s great to see Academy Award winning talent working on a Batman film with arguably the most educated man on the planet in the DC Universe.

We will have to wait until Warner Bros. put an official date on the Batman solo film before we can start counting down the days, but rest assured it’s coming!


Tommy Terry-Green

Tommy Terry-Green

Tommy is a Staff Writer at Heroic Hollywood from London, UK. He also co-founded GEEKSPACE and writes for Generation Comics.