Geoff Johns Teases Plans For Booster Gold

One of the most beloved DC Comics characters is the man of gold, Michael Jon Carter a.k.a. Booster Gold, a time-traveling superhero who on the outside may have a big ego, but deep inside, has a heroic heart. Booster has made his appearances in the media over the years beyond the pages of the comic books.

Recently in an interview with at the red carpet event for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Geoff Johns (CCO for DC Entertainment, who is working deep on the comics side as well as the DC TV and Extended Universes) was asked about the coming future for Booster Gold. When Johns was asked that, he gave this interesting response about what they may have in store for the Man of Gold.

“You’ll see [Booster Gold] very soon, and there’s talks about…there’s actually a lot of plans for Booster Gold, one of my favorite characters. But yeah, Booster Gold fans, you will definitely be happy with what we’ve got coming up in the years ahead.”

While his quote can be viewed in many ways, it’s almost safe to say that he is teasing about something live-action related for Booster. Last year we heard rumors that a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie was in development with Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow) involved to both possibly direct and executive produce the film. In addition to that report, Zac Penn was being eyed to write the screenplay for that film.

In addition, while Legends of Tomorrow’s show-runner Phil Klemmer did confirm that Booster Gold wouldn’t appear in the first season, his son Rip Hunter is currently on that show. Booster hasn’t been mentioned or even teased once so far, but TV Line did recently report that the season finale on May 19 is said to be introducing a “beloved superhero from the DC canon” whose mysterious agenda will be “a launching off point for Season 2.”

Could that maybe be the tease that Booster will be coming after all, due to Rip’s involvement on the show? Only time (no pun intended) will tell. Interesting enough, a few years ago, a Booster Gold TV show with Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg (who works on all 4 DC shows) was being worked on for SyFy, but didn’t end up happening. Perhaps a TV show for the character is finally happening after all, but as said, with Johns’ quote, there are so many possibilities.

What do you think DC’s plans are for Booster Gold beyond the world of comic books and where would you want to see him in live-action? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: and TVLine

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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