George Miller Teases Bigger & Crazier ‘Mad Max’ Furiosa Prequel

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George Miller and his team have teased a bigger and crazier film in the upcoming Max Max: Fury Road prequel that will center around Furiosa.

2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road was certainly one of the more unexpected hits to come out that year. The film went on to earn $375M worldwide on a $150M budget and was nominated for ten Academy Awards, winning six. More surprisingly to some, however, was the fact that the film didn’t feel so much like a Mad Max film as it did a Furiosa movie where Max himself was arguable more of a supporting character than anything else.

While some fans may want to see Max’s story move forward, George Miller seems more interested in exploring the past of Furiosa in an upcoming prequel film. While speaking to The New York Times, Miller confirmed a number of things, including the fact that actress Charlize Theron would not be returning to the role:

“For the longest time, I thought we could just use CG de-aging on Charlize, but I don’t think we’re nearly there yet. Despite the valiant attempts on ‘The Irishman,’ I think there’s still an uncanny valley. Everyone is on the verge of solving it, particular Japanese video-game designers, but there’s still a pretty wide valley, I believe.”

Later on, production designer Colin Gibson teased that for the upcoming Furiosa film would have even more cars and likely more destruction of said cars as a result. Fury Road was said to have had 88 cars on screen:

 “The next possible iteration, which is on the table, has even more.”

What do you all make of George Miller and Colin Gibson’s words? Are you looking forward to seeing a new Mad Max film without Max or Charlize Theron? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Here is the official synopsis for George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road:

Haunted by his turbulent past, Mad Max believes the best way to survive is to wander alone. Nevertheless, he becomes swept up with a group fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by an elite Imperator, Furiosa. They are escaping a Citadel tyrannized by the Immortan Joe, from whom something irreplaceable has been taken. Enraged, the Warlord marshals all his gangs and pursues the rebels ruthlessly in the high-octane Road War that follows.

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Source: The New York Times

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