‘Ghostbusters’ Creator Ivan Reitman Explains Where Franchise Should Go

Though the Ghostbusters reboot flopped, Sony still has plans to reboot the franchise again by taking the paranormal organization around the world.

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Following an incredibly controversial reboot that ultimately failed, the Ghostbusters franchise is left in a pretty sorry situation. That being said, Ivan Reitman, the director of the 1984 classic, has stated that he still has plans to revitalize the Ghostbusters franchise yet.

Yahoo! Movies recently wrote an article covering “Ghostbusters Day” (June 8) and a Facebook stream that was held to commemorate it. On the stream, series co-creator Ivan Reitman talked about where he wants to take the franchise if the movie gets another film:

“What we’ve been doing a lot of is thinking about the franchise rights for Ghostbusters. Because Ghostbusters, that idea doesn’t have to just take place in New York; it can happen over the world. I think it would be really cool to see Korean ghosts or Chinese ghosts. All those great traditions in the world have all these historical stories, all these tales of things that those people are afraid of. To have a sort of local group of Ghostbusters that maybe tie in with head office in New York would be fun.”

Reitman’s pitch sounds pretty similar to an existing Ghostbusters property – specifically, the Ghostbusters International comic series from IDW Publishing, which sent the original team of Ghostbusters on a world tour to deal with a number of paranormal problems following a supernatural incident at the United Nations.

Reitman also stated that he’d be interested in connecting the new continuity with the original Ghostbusters movies:

“We’re doing a lot of work about where do we go next with Ghostbusters. I think one thing that fans have clearly wanted, and so did I, is that somehow we tie the worlds together. That the historical films, the ones that I originally directed back in the ‘80s, were mixed with the film that Paul Feig just did and that world. I think it was a little awkward that it wasn’t connected, and we certainly heard a lot from everybody out there. So I would definitely want to connect to all of that.”

Given that Dan Aykroyd has noted that he doesn’t think the cast of the Ghostbusters reboot will ever play those characters again, and the movie was largely unpopular with fans, perhaps it might just be better to do a “de”-boot that ignores the reboot and instead continues the story established by Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 (which is what everyone, Reitman included, wanted all along).

The classic two Ghostbusters movies and the reboot can all be viewed on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Source: Yahoo! Movies