Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones Wants To Join The MCU; But Not As A Hero

With it’s consistently growing popularity, we are constantly hearing about actors and actresses expressing their interest in roles in Marvel Studios releases. The latest to join the ever-growing list? Well, that would be Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. While chatting with the cast of the film hitting theaters this week, IGN commented that the new Ghostbusters felt like The Avengers.

Jones was quite excited to hear this and then went on to express her personal interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, unlike many, the comedian and actress revealed to the outlet that she isn’t interested in playing a hero.

I wanna be a villain, though. I don’t want to be a sup-I want to be a villain. If I go to Marvel, I want to be a villain.

When asked about what character she would like to portray, Jones definitely had a bit of an interesting response.

We would have to make one up, where my hair just grows every time I get angry… and my voice has these things that come out and kill…comes out of the hair and the mouth.

Doesn’t sound like any character Marvel has but I’m sure that Jones would be open to an established character if Marvel did give her a call. Would you be interested in seeing Leslie Jones join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do you have any roles in mind that you think she would be a good fit for? Sound off with your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

Source: IGN

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