Goldar & Putty Patrollers Confirmed For ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

Goldar Power Rangers

Two iconic Power Rangers villains have been confirmed for the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot. Goldar, the winged humanoid ape, and Rita Repulsa’s Putty Patrollers are coming to antagonize the Rangers. During NYCC this weekend, Elizabeth Banks, who portrays Rita Repulsa in the reboot, confirmed the appearance of the two Power Rangers enemies.

Banks, who couldn’t attend NYCC this year, shared a video of herself during the Power Rangers panel earlier today, apologizing for being absent. Towards the end of the video, Banks name drops the two Power Rangers villains, seemingly confirming them, before announcing a first look at the new teaser trailer for the film.

” Thanks so much for being here! Sorry I couldn’t be there, and instead of sending Goldar or putties, here is a first look at the teaser trailer!”

The director of the film, Dean Israelite, also mentioned Goldar and the Putties during the panel, mentioning that what we saw in the teaser isn’t everything we’ll see in the film.

“This is just a teaser! You’re not seeing putties, zords, etc. It’s all coming! Alpha 5, Zordon! The space ship! GOLDAR!”

A classic Power Rangers villain, Goldar is one of Rita Repulsa’s strongest Generals. He isn’t a small-time Power Rangers enemy, appearing in several episodes of the original series, as well as in Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers in Space.

The Putty Patrollers are clay-like villains that Rita Repulsa often used to outnumber the Rangers. With the addition of both Goldar and the Patrollers, it looks like we may also get a rebooted version of the Mutant Rangers as well.

For those who don’t know, the Mutant Rangers were five Putty Patrollers who were supervised by Goldar to become evil versions of the Power Rangers. Using the Badges of Darkness, each badge containing a different Rangers’ powers, the five putties became the Mutant Rangers. With Goldar and the Putty Patrollers both confirmed for the film, it’s possible we’ll see the Mutant Rangers make an appearance.

NYCC is still well underway, so stay tuned for more information regarding the Power Rangers movie. Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.

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  • wilderfox

    I see no source. This is a pretty horrible article. Its literally just saying they are. Where is the confirmation

    • Matt

      lower your expectations for not only this site, but most movie news sites in general. They’ve devolved into aggregate-content models that are almost entirely copy-paste jobs or about two or three blurbs (blobs, if I’m commenting on quality of content and of writing) of recap/resummarization per quoted event.

    • Jared Gillenwater

      They said their source was the panel at NYCC. They said who made the comments. They stated their sources. You’re pretty horrible at reading.

      • Jared Gillenwater

        Granted, I think the reference to the Mutant Rangers is just wishful thinking. But he stated that the hint was dropped by Elizabeth Banks and confirmed by Dean Israelite at the Power Rangers panel at NYCC today… Those are what we call “sources”.