’Gotham’ 3.01 ”Better To Reign In Hell” Review: The Monsters Of Gotham Rise

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The third year of FOX’s Batman prequel drama, Gotham, kicked off with a solid bang as we continue to follow the journey of some of the Dark Knight’s most famous villains and a new chapter for James Gordon as he has now taken on the role of a bounty hunter who is going after the monsters of Gotham City. “Better To Reign In Hell…” does a nice job with touching upon all the new arcs of the third season, from the rise of the monsters, with Fish Mooney as their, to the mysterious Court of Owls that are targeting Bruce Wayne.

After the craziness that took place in the Season 2 finale, we get a good tour through what this Gotham City has become since the finale. It definitely feels scarier than what we have seen before as you could at any point run into youth-suckers, men with wings, which does raise the stakes quite a lot. But just because it has gotten darker, doesn’t mean that the humor has gone away as there were several light-hearted moments too. Since Season 2, Gotham has improved on its comic book feeling as it feels less like a cop show and more of a comic book drama.

A lot happened in “Better To Reign In Hell” that we want to discuss so hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through the top 5 highlights of the Gotham Season 3 premiere!

#5: Valerie Vale’s Debut

#4: Fish Mooney 2.0

#3: The Adventures Of Barbara & Tabitha

#2: The Growth Of Bruce Wayne

#1: Court Of Owls Strikes

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht is an online entertainment journalist who has been covering television and movies since 2010. In addition, he is also a podcast producer.

  • reader

    I’m a little surprised to see less made of how… quickly Lee jumped, obviously in just a couple of months since it was before the “6 months later,” into a close relationship. What engagement, commitment, lost child, partner and family? Jim was fighting for his life and then fighting to be able to give her a life without dragging her down or causing more harm and she was full speed ahead. He’s grieving and she’s apparently living better than ever. Not that she isn’t allowed, but what appears to be some fast moving is disappointing, but I guess that’s the idea to make Jim’s grief and hurt sharper.

    I agree that Ben McKenzie and J. Chung have chemistry, so I enjoyed their scenes, just not the fact that the focus had to be Fish Mooney. If I could pay for one character to be gone, and quickly, since I rejoiced after I thought that was finally the case after the first season, it would be her. Nothing can get me interested or past fast forwarding.

    I also have to differ on the Bruce as a standout. I honestly slept through what I didn’t forward past, and it was early. I know that I’m supposed to care about him, but I have to admit that I’d prefer the show without him and any kind of Batman in training. It’s Gordon’s story and how other adult characters relate to him and that world that are the draw. For the rest, I’m clock watching at the lost time. More Jim and Harvey, Jim and Penguin and how they circle with Nygma and the rest top my list, but obviously, one part of the show is to appeal to Batman fans although it’s Gordon at the center, and to kids who relate to the kid characters. Hopefully, that will be a smaller portion of each episode and the arcs, as the best episode and arc were last year.

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