‘Gotham’ Actor Wants Cast To Be Featured In A Batman Movie

Gotham Warner Bros. TV Comic-Con Gotham is doing an excellent and unique job of showing the origin stories of the famous characters from Gotham City. One actor, in particular, would love to see the Gotham cast star in their own live-action Batman movie. Gotham is developing the characters into the icons they eventually become and a movie could really expand the opportunity to show that.

Sean Pertwee portrays Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth and is a strong believer in a Gotham movie. Comic Book caught up with him at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest where he voiced his support for a Gotham movie:

“Absolutely. I would love nothing more than to be involved in a cinematic version. The end of this season when they had the two episodes together, that was almost like a movie and I’d like to see more of that.”

Gotham fans and cast would like this to happen, but it seems very unlikely considering DC’s insisting on keeping their film and TV universes separate. Gotham concluded season three with a two-hour finale back in June and was recently picked up for season four. Gotham is guaranteed at least one more season and that might not be enough time to finish developing these characters.

Pertwee is remaining optimistic this will happen in the future. A feature film or even a TV movie would be a great way for Gotham to wrap up their storylines and present the iconic Gotham City as we have come to know it over the years.

Gotham Season 4 is set to premiere on Thursday, September 28 at 8.pm. ET/PT on FOX.

Source: Comic Book

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