‘Gotham’ Actor David Mazouz Doesn’t Think Batman Is Necessary Yet

David Mazouz

They’ve been setting him up since the show began, but it seems as if Gotham are going the slow and steady route when it comes to Bruce Wayne’s transformation into the Dark Knight. The show is preparing for it’s third season, which premieres tonight, but actor David Mazouz insists there’s still plenty of time for Batman to step up and protect Gotham City.

In an interview with Collider, Alfred Pennyworth actor Sean Pertwee and Mazouz spoke on how long the show can run before Batman is needed. Pertwee explains:

“We’re descending into hell and it’s going to get a lot worse, for a lot longer, before Batman has an excuse to draw breath and to rise from the ashes and stand up for the little man and the good man. It’s going to get worse. Things are pretty bad, and we really do need some help. The numbers of the good guys are thinning. Jim Gordon’s wheels have fallen off and he’s gone man. We literally just have Lucius Fox, young master Bruce and Alfred, pitted against the world.”

It all sounds reasonable if you ask me, but we can’t help but feel there’s an absence of vigilantes which would give Gotham the hero it needs. Mazouz disagrees:

“Batman can’t exist until he’s necessary, and he’s not necessary yet. The world of Gotham has to get a lot worse, which it will. That’s the show. It really is the story of how a city goes from being okay to just being an absolute mess, and there needs to be a Batman to save it”

So, how will Gotham City get in such a state? We know Mad Hatter and Solomon Grundy will be added to the already-stacked roster of villains the show has seen, boy oh boy does James Gordon have his work cut out for him! Mazous delves in on the villains of Season 3:

You think The Penguin is bad, but compared to these other guys, he’s a saint. That’s the great thing about Gotham. If you were to see Penguin in a comic book or another movie, he doesn’t really have anything to redeem himself with. He’s just a bad guy and a villain. With Gotham, and I’m just using Penguin as an example, but with all the villains, you see they have vulnerabilities and weaknesses that make them human, and you feel bad for them in a really awful way. They’re terrible people, but you like them.

Season 3 of Gotham premieres on FOX tonight with Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell… at 8pm.

Source: Collider

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