‘Gotham’: Casting Videos Reveal Huge Season 3 Spoiler


Warning: The article contains a HUGE possible spoiler for Gotham‘s third season. DO NOT read further if you do not want to be spoiled. 

Gotham season 3 has just started, and after the first few episodes we are now getting an idea of where the season will be taking us. However, like any good comic book show, surprises are sure to pop up around almost every corner. Usually, channels like Fox are very good about making sure potential large scale spoilers are kept hidden from the public, but it looks like this time they may have let a huge spoiler slip through the cracks.

According to two casting videos that have surfaced on Gotham‘s Vimeo channel, the show is going to kill off one of its main characters. The first lines of the video each start with, “we found Bullock’s body”, which can only mean one thing: Harvey Bullock won’t be making it through the entirety of season 3. His death, once again according to the videos, will be at the hands of Talon, the assassin for the Court of Owls.

Check out the casting videos below, the reveal is in the first five seconds:


The videos came from the same channel that the Clayface casting video came from last year, spoiling the infamous villain’s appearance during the back half of season 2. It is unknown who the character shown in the video is, but it sounds like after finding Bullock’s body they want to take down the Court just as much as Gordon most likely will.

Well, there you have it. I personally hope that this doesn’t come to fruition, as Bullock is currently my favorite character in the series. At least now I will be mentally prepared for it. Do you think this proves Bullock will be killed off, and are you upset about it? Feel free to vent in the comments, just be careful not to ruin this over Facebook comments for others. I’m sure those who don’t want to be spoiled would appreciate it.

Gotham airs every Monday at 8 pm on Fox.

Source: Vimeo

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