‘Gotham City Sirens’ Movie Line-Up Possibly Revealed By David Ayer

Following the awesome news this morning, David Ayer has (possibly) revealed the line-up for the upcoming Gotham City Sirens film.

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Following the announcement that director David Ayer will helm Gotham City Sirens, a spin-off of Suicide Squad, the director has possibly revealed the movie’s line-up. The upcoming DCEU film will star Margot Robbie, who will also produce the project. Robbie will of course reprise Harley Quinn, a role that has rocketed her into A-list stardom. Ayer’s involvement in the project came as a huge surprise to the comic book-fandom following the rumours of back-and-forth between himself and Warner Bros. whilst developing Suicide Squad. Rumour has it that Ayer was only given 6 weeks to write the film’s screenplay. Thankfully, DC and Warner Bros. have hired Tomb Raider writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet to work on the script, while Ayer will focus on directing.

On Twitter, Ayer has revealed the main three players for the upcoming film. Of course, this includes Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. As a life-long Batman fan, it is so exciting to know these three characters will share the same screen in a few short years. No word on who will play Ivy or Catwoman, but many fans, myself included, have come up with Evan Rachel Wood of Westworld to play Ivy. We probably won’t receive any casting news/rumours within the next couple of months, but Ayer and co. are definitely on the look out as we speak.

So, what do you guys think of this? Are you excited for the upcoming spin-off? What about seeing Poison Ivy and Catwoman on screen once more? With the announcement of Ayer’s involvement in this flick, we should receive some news on The Flash, right? Personally, I cannot wait to see what happens. Hopefully Warner Bros. have learnt their lesson with Suicide Squad, and they just let Ayer make his film.

Gotham City Sirens has no scheduled release date.

Source: Twitter

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