‘Gotham’ Star David Mazouz Interested In Playing Damian Wayne


If he had his way, David Mazouz would be open to trading the cowl from his hit TV series Gotham for a mask as Damian Wayne’s Robin in the DC Extended Universe.

Mazouz recently revealed his interest in playing the character after sharing a piece of fan art on his Twitter account. The art shows Mazouz not as Batman, but as his son, Damian Wayne a.k.a. Robin.

Could it happen? Sure. Will it happen? Hmm.

The thought of bringing Damian to life in the DCEU is a natural one given all the talk around the water tower of  Joker origin films, Nightwing solo movies, Batgirl and a trilogy from Matt Reeves that may or may not feature Ben Affleck as Batman. Although Robin appeared in the last two Joel Schumacher films — Batman Forever and Batman and Robin — he has remained mostly invisible in the newer Batman films including Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy except for a mention at the end of Dark Knight Rises.

So the timing may be right for Robin to appear, but in a world where we have not seen an updated Dick Grayson, Tim Drake or Jason Todd is it time for Damian? After posting the fan art to his Twitter account with the hashtag “davidfordamian” Mazouz asked for some feedback from followers. Judging by their reaction, some fans seem to think so.

Bruce’s son was first introduced in 1987’s Batman: Son of the Demon, and the story was eventually added to the official DC canon much later. Under the name Damian, the son of Bruce was properly reintroduced in 2006 as the lovechild of the Caped Crusader and Talia al Ghul. After being raised by the League of Assassins and harboring some serious daddy issues, Damian later bonded with his father and even became the fifth Robin.

Now, Damian Wayne is a staple of the comic book world, the DCAU, and even Rocksteady’s Arkham Games. However, audiences are asking to see Damian don the mantle of the Boy Wonder in live-action and are thirsty for his arrival to the DCEU.

However, even with fan approval and Mazouz’s desire to play Damian Wayne chances of that actually happening are far from a sure thing. For one, Warner Brothers keeps their DC television shows separate from the movies, so there is no reason that they would alter this behavior for Mazouz. However, given the response to his tweet, it looks like most fans would not mind and support Mazouz trading the cowl for the mask.

For now, it’s just more talk in the Batcave.

5 Things The ‘Batgirl’ Movie Needs To Get Right

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Batgirl Barbara Gordon DC ComicsDC has been on a roll recently with reports concerning future spin-off films. Some of these reported projects are just speculative, but a Batgirl movie from director Joss Whedon is something that’s already been officially confirmed to be happening. With Whedon heading the film, there is a lot of excitement in the air, but this is a challenging project to tackle and do right. Batgirl is much beloved, and outside of animation and some comics, the character has not been given the time to lead a feature film.

Making Batgirl the lead of a movie may sound like a challenging concept, but it can definitely work. There are things that the film can do that can be new and original, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Warner Bros. and DC have to find a way to make sure that aspects and creative decisions made on the film reflect the character in a positive way. If everything’s done right, Batgirl could make for a truly great superhero film.

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