‘Gotham’ Producer Talks The Joker In Season 3 & Beyond

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The new TV season is closing in as several shows, new and returning, are set to kick off with their new seasons in September and October, including all the DC Comics TV shows. One of them is Gotham, which is heading into its third year as fans of the show goes deeper into the Batman prequel series and telling the origins of some of Batman’s greatest foes.

During this past Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, executive producer John Stephens spoke with TV Guide about one of Batman’s biggest enemies, The Joker, who has been teased at several points. The biggest theory within the fandom is that Cameron Monaghan, who played the Joker-ish character Jerome until his death in Season 2. But in a comic book show, no one ever stays dead as he is returning in some capacity as we hear his laugh in the Season 2 finale during the outbreak of the Indian Hill inmates.

Stephens teased what the plans are for their exploration of the Joker mythology this year on the show and beyond.

“We’re going to see how the cult of the Joker, which we started at the beginning of last year and we touched on in the middle of the year, is going to extend and deepen and change a little bit this year. You have these sort of underground movements that have started to talk about Jerome and what he represented and how he’s going to come back on the day, sort of like John the Baptist, et cetera.

[That] sets the stage for, perhaps if there’s a Season 4 on FOX, hopefully we’ll bring that back in a much bigger way, and you will see these different versions of the Joker myth that develop next year with Jerome and with other characters. [Then] we can put those pieces together and go, ‘Oh,’ eventually, ‘that’s where the Joker himself came from.”

Given that Monaghan is busy filming his other show, Shameless, it makes sense that they would be focusing on anything Joker related till the second half of the season as they mentioned that in the interview. In addition, the first half of the new season will be spent establishing the new introductions of these other Batman villains that are coming in.

Gotham Season 3 is set to begin on Monday, September 19 at 8/7c on FOX.

Source: TV Guide

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht is an online entertainment journalist who has been covering television and movies since 2010. In addition, he is also a podcast producer.

  • w0undedmagic

    “You have sort of this underground movement that have started to talk about Jerome and what he represented”

    The Cult of Jerome. Wow.

    I understand Gotham could be viewed as an Elseworlds show, and should be considered as “valid” as any other version of Batman’s mythos, but this is just bad fanfiction. When they’re not ripping off Burton, Nolan and (even) Schumaker, their only “new” contributions come as a result of being forced to write themselves into a corner every week, under the constraint of the show’s premise.

    There have been plenty of good stories told in Gotham without Batman. Even that awful Birds of Prey show had the right IDEA. Gotham’s biggest mistake was setting it BEFORE. They could have told similar stories with The Joker, without having to come up with “Cult of Jerome”-type contrivances just to use the character.

    • SAMURAI36

      I completely disagree with you. I love the fact that Gotham takes the atman mythos, & turns it completely on its ear. There’s no hard/fast rule that says all iterations HAVE to follow the mythos to the letter. Especially considering how many times the “canon” itself has been revised. I think when people realize that, then they can allow themselves to enjoy the show more.

      Case in point: you do realize that the Joker is immortal in the comics now, yes? And it’s been alluded to, that he’s been around for at least a couple 100 years. And that’s depending upon which Joker you’re talking about, as there are presently THREE Jokers wandering around in the comics at current.

      And, it’s not that Gotham “could be viewed as an Elseworld show”, that’s precisely what it is. In fact, any/all renditions of the characters outside of their printed form, are Elseworld shows. How much/little does the Flash TV show resemble the comics? Or Arrow, for that matter? If the Elseworld aspect is that much of an issue, then by that logic, NONE of these shows should exist.

      Not a single CBTV follows the comics to the letter. Even the Marvel shows don’t. Most times, you’re getting about 70-80% accuracy.

      Also, there’s plenty of history to be told about Gotham, pre-Batman. The comics have shown us that much. The Court of Owls is one such example. The Wayne family history. The various crime families.

      • w0undedmagic

        “Not a single CBTV follows the comics to the letter.”

        Yes, and I’m glad they don’t. I’m usually open to new stories and interpretations. The problem is, in my opinion-that Gotham does it poorly.

        “Also, there’s plenty of history to be told about Gotham, pre-Batman.”

        Yes, absolutely-but they’re only starting to get to it now. Most of the show’s run has been about trying to retrofit post-Batman stories and characters into it’s ill-conceived world. I think Jerome is one of the worst conceived and acted characters on modern CBTV. I remember there was a prison scene at the beginning of season 2 ,(everyone dressed in black/white striped halloween jailbird costumes) between Barbara and Jerome that was so cringe-inducingly bad, that I decided right then and there, after trudging through the first season, that the show just wasn’t appealing to me on any level. I really haven’t paid much attention to it since. My coworker still watches, and voluntarily keeps me updated haha. Believe me, it bums me out that one of the only CBTV shows I DON’T watch, is a Batman related one.

        Btw, while the Immortal Joker/ Three Jokers storyline is definetly intriguing and fun to read-it’s as much ‘The new gimmick” as was Hydra Cap. So is, the comic book biz.

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