‘Gotham’ Producer Teases Jerome Will Return As The Joker


If you’ve watched Gotham at all, then you should be familiar with the devilish Jerome. It’s hard not to notice his similarities to the Crown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker. Many fans were shocked when he left the show in a bloody and violent manner, but all is not as it may seem in this universe. Producer Ken Woodruff has dropped some hints regarding Jerome’s return, possibly embracing his villainous persona.

/Film managed to sit down and have a chat with Woodruff, and asked some pressing questions. One of which was “is Jerome really gone?”, to which Woodruff responded:

“He’s got to come back one of these days. [Laughs]”

But why would they remove Jerome from a show revolving around the world of Batman if he truly is The Joker? Is it to purely deflate the speculation?

“Exactly. Jerome was always supposed to be the inspiration for The Joker. Maybe he’ll go through an evolution that’ll end up becoming the actual Joker we all know. The whole idea was that he was supposed to be the inspiration for it”

This opens up the possibility that pretty much anybody Jerome has interacted with could end up as The Joker, but that in itself feels like a deflection. Actor Cameron Monaghan clearly has what it takes to take on such a big role, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Thankfully, Gotham returns for a third season tonight at 8pm so the wait won’t be a long one!

Source: /Film

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