‘Gotham’ Season 3: Penguin Is In The Middle Of An Odd Friendship Triangle

Penguin Butch Riddler

When Gotham returns for its third season this month, it will feature a rather odd friendship triangle between the Penguin and two of his villainous partners. Anyone who’s seen the show knows that Penguin’s right-hand man is Butch. The former lackey of Fish Mooney became Penguin’s personal bodyguard in season 2, after Penguin successfully managed to take down Mooney’s criminal empire. The two have had their ups and downs throughout the season, but by the end of season 2, it would seem that the two are back to being a dynamic duo (pun intended).

When season 3 rolls around, it looks like Butch will have some competition for the title of “Penguin’s Best Friend”. Cory Michael Smith, who portrays the Riddler, recently talked to Comicbook.com during a set visit. He discussed the triangle forming between him, Penguin, and Butch.

“It is really fun. Season one, we only had one scene together, in episode 15. In season two — when we worked together — we spent a whole day filming all this stuff in episode 9 in my apartment, and it was the true birth of our relationship. We were really stuck in one spot together, doing all these scenes sequentially in one and a half days. That was when he and I figured each other out and learned each other and now we just have a blast doing it. There’s so much of it in Season 3, the two of us, coming up.”

This puts Butch in a really tough situation. Penguin and Riddler have a lot in common. After all, they’re both future Batman villains with psychotic tendencies, and they’re both extremely good at coming up with devious plans. Drew Powell, who portrays Butch, is very aware of the triangle, and his character’s feelings towards Riddler.

“The Nygma/Butch dynamic is pretty much the opposite of the Penguin/Butch dynamic. There’s this weird sympatico between Penguin and Butch, but Butch and Nygma are chalk and cheese. They are oil and water. These two will never see eye-to-eye. So there’s this weird triangle between Penguin, Nygma, and Butch that starts near the beginning of the season, works through the first part, and I think will carry through the season of this weird dynamic.”

It will be interesting to see how far this triangle goes, and who benefits or suffers from it. Personally, I like Butch, but I’m all for more Penguin/Riddler scheming! Gotham Season 3 airs on FOX September 19.

Source: Comicbook.com

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