‘Gotham’ Season Three Will Take Bruce And Selina’s Relationship To A New Level


Batman is known for being a playboy, but one constant female interest that has managed to wrap him around her finger (claw, maybe?) is Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Whether in the comics, animation, video games, or live action movies, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are always shown to have some sort of on-again-off-again romantic relationship outside of the typical hero/villain spectrum. Gotham‘s versions are no different.

Gotham‘s Bruce and Selina have had a couple small romantic moments throughout the first two seasons, but according to David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), season three is going to bring their relationship to a new level. Mazouz talked their relationship and how it will progress into the third season.

“It’s great. I think that’s exactly what Bruce needs right now. He’s taking a step back from investigating at this point, and I think the thing is that he is growing up. The thing that [showrunners] Bruno [Heller] and Danny [Cannon] always say is that Bruce is going to grow up as I grow up. I’m becoming a man, and so is Bruce. What comes with manhood? Confidence, romance, those are things that he is going to explore with Selina.”

Selina has acted almost as a guide to Bruce in the show, giving him insight into the underbelly of Gotham. However as their relationship progresses and Bruce begins to become a man, he’s realizing that there is more to Selina than just street smarts.

“Now, at this point, he doesn’t really need her anymore [for that], but he’s still friends with her. So the question is why? The answer is that they have this connection, and this connection will only grow bigger. That connection will lead Bruce to be determined to take things to the next level.”

The attraction isn’t just from Bruce’s side, as he mentions Selina has been showing hints of affection for Bruce since last season.

“She’s definitely weirded out by [Bruce’s new approach], because she’s starting to feel certain emotions that she’s never felt before. We saw a little glimpse of it in season two when Silver St. Cloud was introduced; Selina was feeling a little jealous, but she didn’t understand why. Now, she’s just overwhelmed by the different emotions that are happening. I think that’s the main thing.”

One thing that is for sure is that Gotham is not exactly Paris in terms of romantic cities. We also know that Bruce and Selina’s relatioship isn’t all flowers and candy, so expect some more conflict to arise between the two as we move into season three.

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Source: ComicBook.com

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