‘Gotham’ Season 5 Adds Shane West In Key Role

Gotham has added Shane West in its final season for a key role that may introduce an iconic Batman villain.

Gotham may be ending with its fifth season, but the show is going with a bang. It appears that actor Shane West has been tapped on to take a key role as Eduardo Dorrance. While the name Eduardo doesn’t relate to any established DC characters, the full name bears a remarkable similarity to Sir Edmund Dorrance, a character hardcore fans may recognize as the father of the iconic Batman villain Bane.

Eduardo is set to be an old Army friend of Jim Gordon’s who bring his squad to help restore order to No Man’s Land. This is when Gordon realizes that Eduardo’s motives are actually much more sinister than they let on. Of course, No Man’s Land is an iconic Batman storyline that heavily involves Bane, so the connections are more than likely not a coincidence.

Despite originally being pitched as a Batman prequel series, the show’s later seasons had heavily deviated from the source material and has become essentially what is known as an Elseworlds story. This has allowed for interesting match ups and plot points that hadn’t been experienced yet in the comic book. After all, it looks like Bruce Wayne may finally suit up as Batman in Gotham’s final season, and yet he is barely 18 in the series.

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Gotham‘s final season is set to debut in 2019.

Source: Deadline