Chris Pratt Says ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Will Be ‘The Biggest Spectacle Movie Of All Time’

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Chris Pratt Star-Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released next May, so naturally, fans are dying to know details about the upcoming sequel. So far, director James Gunn has revealed a bunch of things about the highly anticipated movie, including the identity of Star-Lord’s father and that the first teaser trailer will arrive sometime before Christmas, but the cast has been a bit more tight-lipped when it comes to questions about their characters.

When Toronto Sun spoke with Chris Pratt during the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, the actor would only talk about his excitement for the project. Judging from Pratt’s comments, it sounds like we’re in for a treat. Here’s what he told the site:

“I can say Guardians 2 is going to be out May 5. It’s finished and it’s going to be terrific. I’m already so proud of it. We worked really hard on it and it’s a joy to be part of. It’s a fabulous script. I think it’s going to be — I’m not using hyperbole, here – I think it’s going to be the biggest spectacle movie of all time.”

That’s a pretty bold claim, to say the least. We’ll get a better idea of what to expect from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 after the first trailer drops, but for now, feel free to sound-off your thoughts on Pratt’s comments in the comment section down below.

Starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Pom Klementieff, Karen Gillan, Sean Gunn, Glenn Close, Elizabeth Debicki and Kurt Russell, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens in theaters on May 5th, 2017.

Source: Toronto Sun

Michael Bezanidis

Michael Bezanidis

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  • Keiran S-C

    i hope they make a better ending than the last film it felt like such a cop out. i know its a comedy superhero film so it wasnt as bad as the cop out endings in the avenger films but we were shown videos of beings wielding infinite stones and destroying planets then told they can do that in an instant if the come in contact with the surface of the planet then theirs a big fight to stop that from happening and the moment he touches the surface he stops and watches chriss pratt dancing :S just felt really anti climactic to me.

    although nothing can be as poor as stopping an entire alien invasion with 1 lucky nuke that can fly in 0G and never telling you the enemy have a hive mind or the comical punch em ups full of one liners like loki and ultrons will e coyote [uase xD

    GOTG great film though

    • Steve Steve

      I think the GOTG ending was meant to subvert the usual CBM climactic punch-fest. It is certainly jarring.

      I’m not sure what theoretical definition of “0G” you are using, but the rocket was already moving and therefore would continue with its existing momentum until the detonation occurred.

      • Keiran S-C

        yeah i felt like GOTG could get away with it a bit more while the rest of the franchise just felt like a massive cop out when they did it, as it fits the style of the movie alot more i was ok with it but it did feel like a continuation of this weak story telling when you take the whole franchise into consideration.

        I just wanted a bit more of a smarter twist or something instead of him dancing while rocket racoon sets up a small nuke slightly to the left :/. When theyre all holding the stone and each helps control the power was great i just wanted a better way for them to trick the enemy and get the stone in the first place.

        The rocket in space would spin off and completely miss its target since it has no course correction and even if it did that is programmed to work with gravity but this is a comic based story so i was ok with that, it was more the fact they never thought telling the audience about the hive mind would be a good idea and to me as a comic reader that has to be 101 for this kind of story. If youve played mass effect which has a similar hive mind based enemy one of the first clips in the game informs the player about the soldiers all having this connection to a single being and later that becomes the method to kill them all, when that crucial story point isnt provided it comes across as a very lazy, hastily put together ending to save on screen time.

        its like killing a “speed”ster with bullets its 101 of do not do for speedsters

        • Steve Steve

          Your Avengers criticisms are bang on. I agree that some brief set-up of the Chitauri and their nature would have made for a better story.

          The bullets killing quicksilver could have worked much better if they had shown him realizing while moving that he was going to die. The idea being that he cannot move Hawkeye and the kid too quickly because he would kill them with his impact. The opportunity was there for a slow motion shot of him saving them concurrent with the impact of the bullets.

          I think Age of Ultron suffered a lot from the rush to release and the Creative Committee’s untimely input. Joss is a comic book guy and obviously knows better. I just don’t think he could do anything about the flaws. I’m very interested to see the MCU move forward with less voices. Feige’s producer team and each filmmaking team should have much more autonomy to worry about the small details.

          Joss has suggested that he’d come back to do a Black Widow film. I’d be all for that.
          [This is the nerdiest conversation I’ve had in a while and I’m enjoying the [email protected] out of it! lol!]

          • Keiran S-C

            oh a slomo would have made a world of difference maybe having the ground below him fall away so his speed becomes lesss over powered and hes struggling to to keep up as hes running on the broken pieces of ground falling but getting no kick off from each because they’re suspended in the air.
            I would have loved that even if it was ultron throwing him off the city as it starts to raise into the air and the last thing quicksilver sees is ultron above him before hitting the ground, that would be such a powerful scene but its always reduced into these comical moments even his death in AoU his last words were something like “better you didnt expect that” then
            the heroes were back to joking while comically punching up the villain 60 seconds later :/ theirs soo much potential they let go to waste.

            Im not a massive fan of the MCU i enjoyed Im1 & GOTG alot WS had a great narrative and CW had some awesome parts and alot of dreadful parts imo Black Pantha is now my favorite character in the franchise im really looking forward to his standalone the actor is fantastic. If the director can just take a good 80% of the comedy out id love the films!

            and this is most of what i do nowadays just talking geek with strangers on the internet xD

          • Steve Steve

            I think the comedy criticisms are unfair. Humor is an incredibly common coping mechanism, especially in high-pressure situations. I actually find it less believable and less impactful when a film tries to express the true intensity of most moments.

            I read your comment regarding the climax to MoS and I agree with you in that it was a powerful moment to have the character forgo his nature and take a life to save many. However, the rest of that film is so bleak that the characters become one-note facades. Conversely, I thought the conclusion to AoU regarding Hawkeye was very well done, in that his dialogue is jovial and snarky, but when he is quiet he conveys sorrow, acceptance and pain. That is the dichotomy that exists in people, and that is what I (and imo others) identify with in the MCU films.

          • Keiran S-C

            It can be a coping mechanism but the comedy should come before the serious parts or as a grief stricken way of managing the mourning period for some characters not all. I like to compare it to say soldiers they arnt cracking wise every other minute while under fire and their friends and civilians are being killed around them or a doctor isnt thinking up the snappiest one liner while the patient bleeds to death infront of them that what the villains defeats should feel like, they are concluding the story the one responsible for killing hundreds or thousands of people should be taken 110% seriously. As its a comic story i expect stark or say the flash in DC to make the jokes during these moments because their personality isnt built to deal with civilian death and loss of friends its truly soul destroying for them and they need to lighten it up for themselves but not thor, cap, hulk, black widow, hawkeye even ultron & loki. the only scene i liked from AoU was the chill session beacuse it was the only time tthe comedy felt natural when they are all on their time off and having a drink getting to know each other better as freinds their isnt impeding doom and death all around.

            I Love MoS! so much its my personal 10/10 for superhero films because its so realistic when dealing with unrealistic concepts we see jorel and lar el (i think her name his) over joyed at having a baby even when they have to send it away they still cherish that moment, or clark going back home to visit his mother and hugging her, the superman and lois moments as their relationship starts to form in the frozen ship and later as he catches her falling from the space ship. then you have ZOD whos every action is for the good of his species and the heart breaking speech he gives after superman destroys the world ending makes me at least feel sorry for him and almost completely sympathetic to why he sees genocide as a justified action.

            thats definitely why alot of ppl are attracted to the MCU the lighthearted tone lets them watch a film without getting too emotionally attached its all a fun action packed flick with superpowerd characters but theirs still a large amount of ppl which prefer the serious more emotional films like the dark knight or xmen trilogies that tell more tragic and deeper stories.

            everyone’s different though i still enjoy the odd comedy film like GOTG or IM1 but MoS, BVS, TDK will always rank higher for me

          • Steve Steve

            My point specifically is that the seriousness of the Snyder films undermines the realism as much, or more than the humor in the MCU. People cannot exist in such a perpetual state of severe poignancy. It would drive the characters (or real people) insane while undermining the story’s value. I was particularly disappointed in the Pa Kent character. He is portrayed as a depressed, self-destructive person, who is the worst mentor Kal-El could have had. He literally commits suicide in front of Clark and the audience is expected to interpret that as a positive for Superman. The story forgoes logic and reasonable psychology for the most extreme drama they could come up with, then it simply tells the audience that Superman is a divine figure who will do the right thing and be a benevolent hero. I consider it some of the worst writing in cinema.

            Meanwhile, TDK trilogy was specifically about Batman existing in state of mind that is unsustainable, and the people around him can see him breaking. Nolans films combine broad social statements and personal character progression wonderfully. These were stories that truly were dark in nature, and the films reflect that beautifully.

            I respect that you like the Snyder movies though. You can like em for the exact reasons I do not. I thought MoS was a pretty solid film overall, and the Superman action was phenomenal.

          • Keiran S-C

            they are veryy veryy dark films but considering its a very big story ark and they are at the beginning it makes sense to start the heroes off in this kind of world so that they can gradually make it brighter, JL already looks like its brightening up with the addition of flash and the batman wonder woman relationship.

            The worst writing really, damnn its crazy how much ppl opinions vary i feel th same for alot ofthe mcu stuff.
            I liked the path they took with clarks parents it wasnt the “we have all the answers to these impossible questions no ones ever dealt with before” like it was in smallville and they dont pile so much responsibility on to his shoulders from a young age like in the comics where they make out he is going to be responsible for the whole world and its his job to do good and save everyone.

            In MoS they act alot more like caring parents worried about losing their child they tell him its up to him if he wants to be known as this hero but has no responsibility to do so, its his life he can be just like everyone else if he wants and shouldnt feel bad if he decides to be happy. His fathers death was a bit over the top thats true but it does save him from being an outcast for the rest of his life hunted by the government ect it also gives supes the understanding that death is sometimes necessary for the greater good in this case clarks well being and future would be destroyed if he was forced to reveal himself and save his father it would marginalize him from society which could turn him bitter. I also feels he still struggles with the decision not to save his father and its a life lesson he is still users to help get over killing zod and giving his life for the world and more so for lois.
            Thats why it was so important for clark to have that vision of him when walking up the mystical mountain place in BVS although i think they cut out the brief scene were its explained and it just comes across as a random mountain in the theoretical cut.

          • Steve Steve

            I don’t have a problem with the DCEU being “dark.” I have a problem with the way it is dark. They went “dark” in pursuit of realism, but used the “dark” in a way that abandons realism.

            To be clear, I understand the thought process behind the decisions made in Mos and the DCEU as a whole. I am not one of those who assumes they had no idea what they were doing when they made that film. That is why I think it is a good movie despite not liking it.

            I like the idea behind making the Kents more complicated people. The trope of the idyllic mid-western couple is nice, but could be more interesting. (I never watched Smallville, but every medium portrays them about the same way). However, the general concept of a kindly older couple caring for an adopted son is essential to Superman’s story, because as the human couple adopts and loves him, so does he adopt and love mankind. This was completely lost in MoS.

            MoS presents a family dynamic that is labored and morose. They are struggling to make things work and the weight of the world is apparent in every scene. That is an environment that would produce a man who would sacrifice personal principals to save his family from their struggle. We never see them enjoying a moment. We never see the Kents explain the principals that should govern a good person’s behavior. We never see a glimmer of honest hope, merely the blind desperation of a troubled man (Kent) that needs to hope for Clark if only so he can continue moving forward. We never see the Kents offer an act of charity or kindness to anyone. We never see the Kents share a remotely pleasant moment with their son. All we see is a series of difficult, painful moments in Clark’s life. It doesn’t present an entire person, therefore it is not a good origin.

            I was also frustrated by the end of the film. While the neck-break was a good concept, it was clumsily cut together (but whatever, that’s a minor gripe). After that we get a montage of everything getting back to usual and Clark somehow getting a job at the Daily Planet. The classic secret identity was obviously not thought through. It doesn’t make any sense for this version of the character. His youth is spent farming, and wandering the earth in search of himself. When did he go to journalism school? We also get absolutely no reference to the gigantic hole in the downtown core of Metropolis. Why didn’t it occur to anyone that Superman would have spent days helping to clean that mess up, and save all the people who are surely trapped or injured? This ending screams of tacked on happiness that is neither justified, nor appropriate.

            This is a dark, bitter story that succeeds in what it was trying to be, but fails to justify the conclusion it reaches.

            Again: you can like this movie and I respect that. I, however, cannot like it as I cannot reconcile the backstory/set-up with the conclusion/payoff. I also don’t like the general tone of the story, but that is purely taste and not reasonable criticism.

          • Keiran S-C

            well i recommend smallville if your interested in seeing the more quaint optimistic version of him its very old fashioned so much so its a bit sickening at points but still a great series it also has a long long time to go into details 5 seasons i think before he moves out of smallville. and it probably gives a more comic accurate origin of superman.

            I understand what your saying that you would of liked to see more hope and a happy upbringing which is fair iv just seeing it so much that i know superman has that kind of life, the love of his parents is shown exceptionally well in MoS i get chills every time i watch him attack zod for threatening his mother. The whole origin was darker than past incarnations but they wanted to take the character to a new place instead of repeating Christopher reeves movies and the tv shows it painted alot more of a realistic world imo with bullies and the pains of his powers maturing all of which should marginalize him but even so he manages to make a friend out of a kid that once bullied him after saving his life, he controls his temper when being pushed to the ground even though he knows he can win in a fight, his father is telling him he has to be careful and not reveal his powers even when lives are at risk, in every scene he strives to see the best in people even when they are at their worst and physically trying to intimidate him he always approaches ever situation as the calm level headed guy even when angry he cant be faulted and he is constantly applying the same calm minded approach while dealing with zod.

            when it comes to a character like superman we know he has a happy upbringing the same way we know hes going to fall in love with lois and marry her hence why alot of that happens in the 18 month period between the movies. By not having the out right happy scenes from his upbringing i dont think it took away from the character if anything it just help build the tone of the movie and show what was on the characters mind at the time since it was all from his perspective it wasnt told like a blow by blow of his upbringing it was all from his recollections as hes making his way back home and entering the town those were the memories playing on his mind at the time. Saying that i wouldn’t of minded a few happy scenes we got him playing with a dog while wearing a cape in his back garden but seeing more would have been entertaining i just dont think it was in any way a bad thing they weren’t their and wouldnt make a person bitter atall many ppl are in a similar position as clark was minus the powers and much worse but turn out just as good in real life. In fact its usually the bullies which turn out worse.

            As for the journalism stuff i reallly recommend smallville all he does is work with his friend on the school newspaper in a couple of episodes then in a later season he starts off at the bottom of the daily planet which is nothing special anyone can do it and hundreds of ppl flow through the bullpen(i think its called) of the daily planet, as long as youve got an english GCSE or what ever the american equivalent is your good to go. In MoS his reason for joining the daily planet was to be close to lois. As for the destruction and clean up they didnt address it during the final scenes that was left for the sequel instead this was the ideal time to establish his progression as clark and a quick nod to how his relations are with the government as superman. its also something you expect from every superhero film even though they dont show it, i mean i thought the avengers helped with the rescue efforts after each encounter and the restaurant scene in the first avengers was just a quick joke until baron zemo pointed out they dont which i thought was very strange :S

            I think the most important way to approach these movies is by being a fan of the characters already as DC have stated with each movie these are a films for the fans so for ppl who are unfamiliar with the characters or only know the face of them its easy to see them warped into something their not but alot of the characters personalities and experiences are already known by the fans and are supposed to be assumed, look at batman they introduced him 20 years into his career and straight off the bat we knew exactly who he was without them explaining we know everything about his past sidekick who was killed and all we saw was a costume no mention of him atall other than a single shot which spoke volumes i feel the same when i see superman go home and hug his mother we know he was a happy kid.

            butttt yeah to each his own 😀 im glad you liked it if not loved it at any rate sorry my comments get longer and longer i try to shorten them i swear

          • SAMURAI36

            Nah man, I like long, detailed posts. I’m guilty of writing them myself, LOL.

            We live in a world of social media, where people limit their responses to 20 words or less. There’s no way to get in-depth, detailed discussions out of that. Everything becomes snarky as a result.

          • Keiran S-C

            yeahh ppl either cba reading the long posts and just call it a rant but when talking about 2 hour long films and entire franchises you need to use references and comparisons which take up alot. simply mentioning a certain scene can take up a a paragraph.

          • SAMURAI36

            This is a great post. Just curious, how did you feel about Suicide Squad?

          • Keiran S-C

            thx :) ermm it had some truly great moments and they stuck with the whole “are superheros needed” theme very well continuing it from BVS while giving it a more lighthearted feeling which adds to this idea of the world slowly becoming a brighter place but they didnt over do it as its only the first step in that direction.

            Amanda waller was also spot on!! couldnt of asked for better but my favorite character was deadshot which after the casting and the race washing i thought it was going to feel like will smith playing will smith.. but it turned out really good his whole relationship with his daughter was very emotional and showed his motivations well, it made him more than just another hitman.

            Harley and the joker had great chemistry and i liked the more gangsta root they took with him, it felt like a natural path for the character to take with him originally being in charge of the red hood gang and since then the arkham games really added to this whole mob/followers idea. Not to mention the sort of cult following vibe in the Death of the Family comics. But it did feel like they cut alot of him out and i reallyyy want to see the deleted scene explaining his tats and teeth it sounds phenomenal on paper and would have linked the burnt down wayne manner in BVS to this film.

            The rest of the squad or most of them at least felt very limited and forgotten about to the point killer croc only got a couple of lines and nothing to do until the very end :/ the villain was hot!! loved the look but got very shoehorned and generic and felt like another one of these faceless villains which was a shame because she was the character i was most interested to see since she is a wonder woman villain and i thought it was going to be the first taste of what her villains will feel like(shes my favorite hero so). I didnt mind the relationship with rick flag that felt very genuine and im happy they didnt just kill her off because the enchantress gets veryyy powerful in the comics i want to see that happen!

            Nothing is as funny as slipknot however, The man who can climb anything!!! grapple gunn>>dead xD i dont know if it was 100% intentional or just editing cuts but it was hilarious and all the other villains just look at each other like, well nowww we know. great funny scene either way :)

            SS was definitely my least favorite of the 3 films so far but it was very fun and entertaining overall. What did you think about of it? was it a bit of a let down after the seriousness of MoS and BVS for you

          • SAMURAI36

            I enjoyed SS alot more than I thought I would. I agree with most of your critique of the film. However, I didn’t mind there being less of the Joker in the movie, because it actually wasn’t his film. I felt as though the media put it in our heads that there were scenes taken out, and without that knowledge, that wouldn’t be such a big deal for most people. That said, I feel like he was in the film for just the right amount. The movie set up his introduction to the DCEU flawlessly, and I simply cannot wait to see more of him.

            I enjoyed all the characters to varying degrees, but I think the one I enjoyed perhaps the least, was Boomer. I felt like he should have done a bit more with his boomerangs, beyond just being comic relief (which I felt like he played well).

            Harley stole the show, more than any character for me. And that was a tall order to do, against Will Smith and Viola Davis, both of whom gave stunning performances.

            Diablo was the unsung hero, in more ways than one for me as well.

            I actually didn’t mind Enchantress not being larger than life in this film. Like you, I feel like since she’s not dead, she has a chance to come back and do even more damage (possibly in Justice League Dark, since she is also one of their villains in addition to WW).

            One thing that I love, is the fact that DC officially introduced magic after only 3 movies in (technically they did that with BVS, with the intro of WW, but this is the first chance we get to see the full scope of magic, and it was SCARY), whereas Marvel is still trying to get magic off the ground, and even now they are still dancing around the subject with Dr. Strange. Of the films that have been announced, we will be getting magic in at least 4 of them (SS, WW, JLD, and Shazam).

            Overall, I gave SS an 8/10. For reference, MOS gets a 9/10, and BVS (the Ultimate Cut) gets 9.5/10. BVS, MOS and TDK (in that order) are my 3 fave CBM’s of all time.

          • Keiran S-C

            The haters really did play that up, when the film started shooting i read the joker was going to be in it for about 10 minutes, so when i saw him i was ok with the amount of time we got i just really want to see that scene i mentioned after reading up on it. The only scenes i noticed were missing were the start of the bar scene near the end of the movie when harley offers them a drink each and a brief scene of the joker pulling a grenade i didnt notice anything else missing from the trailers.

            ohh yeah diablo i forgot about him, he had a heartbreaking narrative and seeing him turn into that fire demon/Satan creature and go toe to toe with an old god was a pretty beast fight scene. I liked the progression of his character from this sort of empty shell of a man who killed his family and doesnt care about life anymore to finding a group of ppl he is willing to die for i think calling the rest of the squad family was a bit too much but it worked great and really drove home how he just wants to die doing something worth while. captain boomerangs comedy was great a really stereotypical aussie xD the only thing we really saw him do that was useful was use a boomerang camera but the film was focused on harley and deadshot the others were side characters to give a taste of the heroes and what their villains will feel like they didn’t all need fleshed out narratives so it wasnt too bad having them used almost solely for comedy. The intro scene at the start of the movie said it all anyway plus it felt like turning a page in a comic and seeing a full page spread of each characters backstory with their own artwork and themes.

            I would love to see JLD get a big screen adaption, thats my kind of film. I cant wait for the animated movie with matt ryan as Constantine again!! seeing him join the movies would be brilliant. I remember reading the first issue of JLD in the new 52 ark and the enchantress is losing control of her powers and distorting reality across the world<< that needs to happen in a later wonder woman movie if not JLD.

            Magic really is the third pillars of the DC comics they have humans, aliens and magic and thats mirrored with the Trinity and as you say with WW arrival they started introducing it by having her sword capable of cutting through doomsdays kryptonian skin like it was nothing and by just being WW.
            I was looking forward to doctor strange because i know nothing about him and id like to see how marvel do the whole magic concept, plus his origin sounds very dark and serious but i heard iron man is making an appearance so now im just expecting another comedy fest like the fight scene in Civil War :/ it might prove me wrong but i thought the same with alot of mcu movies and they more often than not disappoint me

            Its fair to say we have almost identicle tastes lol
            MoS is my 10/10 its one of the very few films i can watch and find nothing id change.
            BVS Th-8 U-9 the ultimate edition took over TDK as my second favorite superhero film.

            SS was a 7.5ish for me i prefer xmen DoFP and some of the old Blade films (although that might just be nostalgia its been that since i watched blade) over it.

        • SAMURAI36

          Hmm, this is the first time I’ve seen someone be critical of Garbage of the Galaxy. Me likey.

          • Keiran S-C

            lol its one of the few MCU films i enjoyed it was very fun but did have a big let of an ending id still rather watch another GOTG film to anymore avengers, i find the majority of them really poorly written and all the characters to be watered down versions of starks personality :/

          • SAMURAI36

            I didn’t care for the film, but I agree that most of these characters are all evening at the Improv auditioners. Hulk and IM2 were the only ones I actually enjoyed.

          • Keiran S-C

            lol thats a great way to put it it feels like they watched Iron Man 1(which i liked) too much and felt every character should be the wise cracking joker of the group so when they all come together in a team theirs nothing unique about any of them other than their gimmicks then the villains are joking and having comical punch em up defeats aswell and im watching them thinking this is not how superheros would act while innocent people are being killed around them :S

            i havnt seen the old hulk films in a long time tbh need to rewatch them at some point

          • SAMURAI36

            I completely agree. The only character that has received any in-depth character development in the entire MCU, has been Tony. Everyone else is just one big plot device. And they hide this fact by draping them in humor, hoping that the audience doesn’t catch on. And guess what, It works!!

            And don’t get me started on the villains. Aside from Loki, not a single one has been of any substance. It’s like watching a Tom & Jerry cartoon, where Tom does the same thing over and over, and never catches Jerry.

          • Keiran S-C

            very true, stark had a fantastic origin movie and i liked alot of what they did with him in civil war and how they showed him struggling to manage the team and losing his patients with cap then the big fight at the end he and bucky had a great performance. The look on his face when he realises bucky killed his parents was really dark he wanted to kill him and tried to.
            I hated how easily they brushed off potts relationship though since it was the only relationship in the franchise that had some chemistry to see it ended in 1 sentence and him hitting on the hot new milf in the next scene was lazy writing imo

            i could talk all day about how much i hate their use of comedy and the underdeveloped villains hah everyone gets a comical punch em up defeat completely undermining how they were killing hundreds of civilians a moment before urghhh ultron even got a wille e coyote pause as the whole world stops around him in time for him to squeeze in yet another one liner before he gets punched into the distance by the hulk, like the coyote falling off a cliff :/

          • JMMagwood

            Good stuff, and largely true.

          • Chris Schroeder

            Really? I’m just curious what about those 2 you enjoyed. Personally I liked them both, I just know they get a lot of flak for being the 2 weakest movies

          • SAMURAI36

            For IM2, I enjoyed Don Cheadle’s WM rendition. I also liked the fight scenes better than any Marvel film.

            For IH, I felt like this was the best Hulk & Banner rendition to ever come before or after. Ed Norton simply WAS Banner. His size was the perfect juxtaposition against the Hulk’s. It was true Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, unlike Mark Ruffalo’s version, whose size is too big, IMO. Nothing about Ruffalo says “meek or passive”.

            Also, I loved the look of Norton’s Hulk, far more than how he was portrayed in subsequent films. Hulk in Avengers always looked….. Off to me.

            Not to mention, they did the relationship between Banner & Betty (which happens to be one of my fave relationships in all of comics–there goes that “Marvel bias”, btw) a lot of justice, which has been completely ignored in the films immediately thereafter, for some strange reason.

            Abomination wasn’t the best villain, but he gave Hulk a run for his money in that film.

            Plus, this was the one MCU film that wasn’t drenched in needless, juvenile jokes.

            It also helps that Hulk is one of my few fave Marvel characters. ?

          • Chris Schroeder

            I 100% agree about the Incredible Hulk. I wish Norton had continued in the role, along with the Betty relationship. The fight on campus is still one of my favorites.
            I’m one of those people who enjoyed IM2, the only downside of it is the lackluster final fight between Whiplash and IM/WM

  • Steve Steve

    This movie is going to make stupid amounts of money.

  • rogbngp

    I can’t wait to see it. Touting it as the “biggest spectacle movie of all time” is a bit much, but I will forgive Chris his enthusiasm.

  • Rob


    I am excited about this movie, but I am a bit concerned about Kurt Russell being Ego the Living Planet. If done right, he is perfectly cast and can be amazing. But to have a living, breathing, and talking planet done wrong make this movie a joke.

    Based on the first movie, I am fairly confident that James Gunn can pull it off, but there is a part of me that is a little concerned.