Guillermo del Toro Offers To Discuss ‘Hellboy III’ Pending Poll Results

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro teases 'Hellboy III' discussions with character creator Mike Mignola and film series star Ron Perlman with Twitter poll.

The future of the Hellboy film series seemed all but finished when director Guillermo del Toro stated that the would no longer pursue blockbuster films, including superhero movies, in favor of smaller projects. However, the acclaimed filmmaker has now taken to Twitter in what appears to be an attempt to gauge interest in a possible Hellboy III. 

Del Toro launched a poll on his Twitter feed regarding a third Hellboy film with two options: “Yes” and “Hell, Yes”. Shortly after, Del Toro promised to begin discussions with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and film series star Ron Perlman if the poll received 100,000 votes within 24 hours of the polls launch.

As of now the poll has received 15,490 votes with the “Hell, Yes” option currently leading at 62%.

You can check out both posts below!

The fact that both choices in the poll are affirmative options suggest Del Toro is willing to discuss the possibility of a third Hellboy film regardless of the results, though he could simply be having some fun with fans.

Actor Ron Perlman, who played the titular role in both films, had previously revealed that talks of a third film had ended. Should a third film fail to develop, check out Heroic Hollywood’s list of Ways You Can Still Enjoy The Comic Hero.

How will you be casting your vote? Does the idea of Hellboy III excite you or has too much time passed since the previous film was released? Share your thoughts below!

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