‘Halloween’: Jamie Lee Curtis Says She Used Movie’s Theme As Ringtone

Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis, star of the upcoming Halloween, has revealed that she too had the films iconic score as her ringtone!

Halloween is a horror classic. Ever since it slashed its way into our minds and nightmares in 1978, it’s been an inspiration for horror features for decades. But something that may even be more memorable than Michael Myers is the film’s score. You know, John Carpenter’s legendarily horrific theme that sends a shiver up your spine? Well, like you, Curtis used that as her ringtone too!

In an interview with Variety, Curtis revealed that when ringtones on phones first became a thing, she immediately went for that one as her tone as soon as she could. The Tweet where she admits to it is included below.

Curtis goes on to credit Halloween for catapulting her to stardom and it’s only fitting that she would pay homage to her roots by using the movie’s theme as her ringtone whenever she would go to answer a call from an agent or producer or someone those Hollywood folk would speak to. And with that, this venerable scream-queen became all the cooler.

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