Mark Hamill: Superhero Movies Need Good Stories To Stop Oversaturation

Mark Hamill explains that he thinks that good stories are necessary for future superhero movies to continue to soar and fight off oversaturation.

Mark Hamill Star Wars Last Jedi
Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is unashamedly a big superhero fan, but he’s aware that there are a lot of superhero movies on the market right now, and that might not be the best thing for business. The actor believes that good stories – and not just massive special effects sequences – will keep audiences coming back for more.

In an interview with USA Today, Mark Hamill stated that he thinks that superhero movies need to focus on telling compelling stories to stay successful:

“I don’t know what’s going on with superhero movies. They’re fantastic, but I think we’re reaching a point of oversaturation. So that’s why the story is so important, is that the gimmicks and all that, they can only take you so far. That’s what I want, better stories.”

Hamill’s comments were also captured on video:

Thus far, Hamill’s concerns seem a bit oddly-timed: superhero movies are having a pretty great 2017, as LoganGuardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, and Wonder Woman have all been met with both critical acclaim and great financial success, with the last film especially doing especially fantastic as it continues to outperform expectations. It’s likely that Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, and Justice League will continuously do well financially, but time will tell if they can get great reception from audiences. 2018’s slate of superhero movies is arguably where Hamill’s concerns would be more justified, as the year is currently slated to have a whopping 11 – 3 from Marvel, 3 from Fox, 2 from Sony, 1 from Pixar, 1 from DC, and 1 from Dark Horse.

Source: USA Today