Harley Quinn Smith Wants ‘Gotham City Sirens’ Cameo

Harley Quinn Smith

Harley Quinn Smith, Kevin Smith’s daughter, has recently praised actress Margot Robbie for playing the character she’s named after in Suicide Squad. The young actress also has hopes that she could portray a younger version of Harley Quinn at some point in the future.

Recently, Harley Quinn Smith was interviewed at the Sundance Film Festival by ComicBook.com, which she attended out of her love of film. When asked about the topic of the recently Oscar-nominated Suicide Squad and the character of Harley Quinn in the film, she added the following:

“I thought [Robbie] was fantastic! Contrary to what other people seem to think, I actually really love the movie… I thought it was really great, I don’t really see everybody’s problem. I thought Margot Robbie was fantastic, and I cannot wait to see her reprise the role, because honestly there’s not a more perfect person to play Harley Quinn… Except if I have the honor one day, but I thought she was fantastic.”

Harley Quinn Smith elaborated on that last bit in another article from ComicBook.com. Specifically, Smith wants to play version of the character in a flashback scene of the upcoming Gotham City Sirens, which will feature Harley Quinn in a leading role:

“Before they even mentioned that she was going to make a spinoff, I talked to my agent and I was like honestly, I know this isn’t even a project yet, but I just want you to know that when the day comes that they do start putting this into production I need you to make sure, if there is a young Harley Quinn role, that no one other than Harley Quinn plays that role,” Smith said. Her agent “was like, ‘Okay…’” she said with another chuckle. “I don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

A future DC appearance isn’t out of the question for Harley Quinn Smith, as she recently guest-starred in an episode of the CW’s Supergirl, which her father Kevin Smith directed. Smith also recently appeared in Tusk and Yoga Hosers, both of which were also directed by her father.

Source: ComicBook.com