Hayley Atwell Reveals What ‘Agent Carter’ Season 3 Would’ve Looked Like

Hayley Atwell recently shared some details concerning what a third season of 'Agent Carter' would've looked like if given the chance.

This past weekend, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest brought all the stars (and news) to London. While in attendance, Hayley Atwell revealed what a third season of Agent Carter would’ve looked like if ABC had given the Marvel series another chance.

In particular, Atwell said the season would’ve explored Peggy’s English upbringing and the lasting effect her brother had. Tying in with that thread, the season would’ve also delved more deeply into Peggy’s evolving relationship with the Jarvis family, which is something Atwell said she had been excited to explore.

Though the end of the second season left some unresolved plot threads, not even Atwell knows what direction they were headed. She said that there were often script additions during production, which kept the actors on their toes. For instance, Atwell didn’t know that Chad Michael Murray’s character, Thompson, was shot at the end of season two until the actor told her.

Both Atwell and fans of the show have been clamoring to see more of Peggy Carter since the show was cancelled by ABC due to low ratings, and a return via a service like Netflix has already been ruled out. Thankfully, Atwell was able to revisit the character briefly in Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars – the fourth season of the Disney XD series Avengers Assemble.

Beyond that, fans know that Peggy Carter lived a long life given the events of Captain America: Civil War, so there’s always still the possibility that the character could show up again in the MCU via flashbacks or through movies set in the past.

For now, Agent Carter fans will have to make due with the details Atwell gave this past weekend and imagine all of the danger and drama Peggy could’ve gotten into in a third season. And maybe one day we’ll find out who it was that Peggy married.

Source: Comicbook.com

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