Ron Perlman Hints That He’s Working On ‘Hellboy 3’

Hellboy Ron Perlman

Fans of the first two Hellboy films by master-of-the-creepy Guillermo Del Toro have just about given up hope for one more installment to complete the trilogy. Hellboy II: The Golden Army came out way back in 2008, and any dreams for a third have been all but dashed. Both the first movie and the sequel were met with general praise from critics and developed a real following with audiences as well. The first one didn’t make as much at the box office as some would have liked. The sequel, though it fared better, didn’t exactly prove to be a smash hit either. These are probably also reasons why the third project hasn’t been able to get off the ground.

Talks of the sequel being a headache to produce, public doubt from cast members, and not to mention Del Toro’s never-ending and stockpiled workload, all serve as reinforcement in the belief that the third one won’t happen. Though most of the key creatives involved seemed at one point to have an interest in adding to the franchise, it’s lost traction for a while now. It’s no stretch to say it’s pretty much dead in the water. Even Ron Perlman, one of the most vocal supporters for another film through the years, said himself around 6 months ago that fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Or should they? Earlier today Perlman tweeted, in response to a fan of course, that he was still ‘working’ on it though nobody else was.

Is this genuine, in terms of hinting at a project being developed? Or is he simply engaging positively with a loyal fan base and letting them know he’s still pulling for this thing to get greenlit? Honestly, probably the latter. Hey, you never know, though. If nothing else, it’s good to know Perlman still has a passion to bring the character to the screen once more.

Andrew McBride

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