‘Hellboy’ Star Daniel Dae Kim Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Daniel Dae Kim Coronavirus Hellboy

Hellboy star Daniel Dae Kim announced he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a post on his official Instagram account, Daniel Dae Kim, who portrayed Ben Daimio in the 2019 reboot of Hellboy, revealed that he decided to get himself tested for the coronavirus after returning to Honolulu, Hawaii when production on the series New Amsterdam was shut down in New York. The Hellboy star noted that he was asymptomatic at the time and did not get tested until he began showing symptoms, apologizing to any the cast and crew members he might have unknowingly exposed to the virus.

Daniel Dae Kim also urged younger people to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously and take the necessary precautions to slow down the spread of the virus in order to protect the most vulnerable:

“For all those out there, especially teenagers and millennials who think this is not serious, please know that it is. And if you treat this without care, you are potentially endangering the lives of millions of people, including your loved ones. So for the sake of everyone else, please follow the guidelines: socially distance, self-isolate, stop touching your face, and of course, wash your hands.”

The coronavirus pandemic has also resulted in racist attacks against and acts of discrimination against people of Asian descent. In his video, Daniel Dae Kim spoke out against the attacks and reminded the viewers that anyone can get the virus anywhere, noting that he got it in New York City:

“And one last very important thing: Please, please stop the prejudice and senseless violence against Asian people. Randomly beating elderly, sometimes homeless Asian Americans is cowardly, heartbreaking and inexcusable. Yes, I’m Asian, and yes I have coronavirus, but I did not get it from China. I got it in America. In New York City. And despite what some political leaders want to call it, I don’t consider the place where it’s from as important as the people who are sick and dying. If I did, I would call this thing the New York virus, but that would be silly. The point is, the name-calling gets us nowhere. What matters is how best to take care of ourselves and one another.”

You can check Daniel Dae Kim’s post below.


Here is the official synopsis for Daniel Dae Kim’s Hellboy:

Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

Directed by Neil Marshall from a script co-written by character creator Mike Mignola, Andrew Cosby, and Christopher Golden, Hellboy stars David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Penelope Mitchell, with Daniel Dae Kim.

Hellboy is now available on Digital HD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD.

Source: Daniel Dae Kim (via Variety)

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