‘Hellboy III’ Will Not Happen Confirms Guillermo Del Toro


Last month director Guillermo Del Toro launched an online poll gauging fan interest in a third installment of the Hellboy film series. Promising the discuss the possibility of third film with character creator series Mike Mignola and series star Ron Perlman if the poll received 100,000 votes within 24 hours of it’s initial launch, the fact that the only two voting options were affirmative responses renewed the hopes of fans that the project could move forward. Unfortunately, it appears those discussions did not yield the results fans were hoping for as del Toro has closed the door on Hellboy III in what appears to be a definitive decision.

Guillermo Del Toro confirmed that Hellboy III will not happen in a message on his official Twitter account, explaining that he had discussions with “all parties” but offering no explanation for why the project can’t or won’t move forward. You can read Del Toro’s comments in the post below.

Though this news will certainly disappoint many fans, it may not be entirely unexpected. Guillermo del Toro has previously revealed his intentions to move away from larger blockbuster projects in favor of smaller independent works while series star Ron Perlman has expressed doubts that a third Hellboy film would be developed, citing the busy schedules of both himself and del Toro.

Source: Twitter

Sebastian Peris

Sebastian Peris

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