Superman Actor Henry Cavill Comments On Zachary Levi’s ‘Shazam!’ Suit

Henry Cavill Superman Shazam DC ComicsHenry Cavill (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League) has just left a comment under Zachary Levi’s Instagram page, continuing speculation that he might have a role in the DC Extended Universe spin-off Shazam!

In case you missed it, Levi teased his Shazam costume online (by revealing that he’s wearing it under a winter coat):

Cavill, who has portrayed Superman in three of the five DC Extended Universe movies thus far, commented on Levi’s image, getting the following reply from Levi himself, alluding to the magical nature of Shazam’s powers:

Superman Shazam Magic Costume

Since Shazam! was first announced, fans have speculated that Superman will have a role in the film. While nothing has officially been announced, Cavill’s interest in the project certainly does lend credence to rumors that he might just be involved. For now, one can only speculate what the Shazam suit looks like under Levi’s comfy coat.

Directed by David F. Sandberg and written by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke, the film’s cast includes Zachary Levi as Shazam, Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield, Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freedman, Cooper Andrews as Victor Vasquez, Marta Milans as Rosa Vasquez, Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley, Ian Chen as Eugene Choi, Jovan Armand as Pedro Peña, and Mark Strong as Doctor Thaddeus Sivana.

Shazam! will be released on April 5, 2019.

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5 Reasons Michael Bay Is The Perfect Director For DC’s ‘Lobo’

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Michael Bay DC Films LoboOne of the most “in development hell” movies from DC has been Lobo. In fall of 2009, Guy Ritchie was attached to the project, but he left in early 2010 to work on other films. Two years later, Brad Peyton was reportedly going to write and direct the film with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring as the titular character. However, Johnson was soon after announced as Black Adam. Jason Fuchs had been named the screenwriter in spring of 2016 but there still wasn’t a solid director rumored or announced until a few weeks ago when Michael Bay was revealed to be in talks for the project.

Bay has to be one of the most polarizing directors in the last 25 years and I think the criticisms are valid. You’ve got films like The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Boys and Transformers on one side but then you’ve got some questionable choices in those same franchises as well. But Lobo is something that might be a little different and not the typical Michael Bay experience so there are reasons why this movie might actually work with him at the helm.

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  • Clark

    Actually it isnt. Its actually a good indication he is in Shazam. They are both following each other and there was already Strong rumors for it to happen

    • KungFuCthulhu

      Plus, the headline’s not misleading in the slightest. The story is exactly what it says up front, along with a few comments about a possible Superman connection. Clickbait would be if I wrote something misleading like “SUPERMAN ACTOR TEASES SHAZAM ROLE, COMMENTS ON LEAD’S COSTUME” or something to that effect.

      – Grant

  • Michael Holmes

    When is a costume reveal not a costume reveal?