HOT RUMOR: About That Steve Trevor Pic In ‘Wonder Woman’

Said Taghmaoui caused a lot of confusion the other day when he released what the first set pictures from Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Chris Pine

Said Taghmaoui caused a lot of confusion the other day when he released what seemed like the first set pictures from Wonder Woman.

It showed both him and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in wardrobe that looks like it dates back to World War One, one of the rumored time periods which Wonder Woman is supposed to take place. A lot of folks were confused and thought we would see Steve Trevor in the modern day, not in the past. Well, those folks are correct because you see that picture above in the banner ISN’T Steve Trevor.

WARNING: The following contains plot spoilers for Wonder Woman and is UNCONFIRMED pending further confirmation so take with a grain of salt.

According to sources, the rumor is that Chris Pine in that picture is playing Steve Trevor’s GRANDFATHER!  You see, during the World War One section of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor’s grandfather is the one that crashes on the island and meets Gal Gadot’s Diana. Grandpa Trevor is the one who shows Diana the outside world and helps her beat Ares. He then passes away. In modern times, Diana meet’s Grandpa Trevor’s descendant THAT LOOKS EXACTLY like him, and helps her battle Ares again. So Chris Pine is playing a dual role. Both Steve Trevor and Grandpa Trevor. Makes total sense when you think about it and within the realm of possibility.

Production on the Warner Bros. film is currently underway in London and we should be getting more details soon. Wonder Woman drops in theaters on June 23rd, 2017

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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