How ‘Doctor Strange’ Connects To The Larger MCU

We know 'Doctor Strange' sits firmly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but how does it tie in to the future of the franchise?

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We should all know by now that Marvel are planning towards a bigger picture with each release in their Cinematic Universe. These stories are all building up a story that involves Thanos the Mad Titan and the Infinity Gauntlet. Said Gauntlet requires a collection of Infinity Stones, and they’ve popped up in many movies, including Doctor Strange.

Marvel’s latest hit movie (which is doing pretty damn well in the box office already). While Doctor Strange is very, very different from the movies before it, it’s still very relevant to this overarching narrative thanks to the Time stone. Stephen Strange wields the Eye of Agamotto, and that’s where the stone resides.

Here’s what director Scott Derrickson told CinemaBlend about the inclusion of the stone:

“Surprisingly, it was something that just evolved organically. The Eye [of Agamotto] in the comics is too powerful! The Eye is a Deux Ex Machina device — it doesn’t matter how bad a situation Doctor Strange is in, it’s like, ‘Wait! The Eye of Agamotto! Let me take the Earth to the other side of the solar system!’ It could do anything at any time. So we ended up working into the idea that it was used for time manipulation, and that just organically led us to, ‘Well, why don’t we put the Time Stone in it?’ And it worked!”

Doctor Strange is out in theaters now!

Source: CinemaBlend

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