How Will ‘Doctor Strange’ Handle Magic And The Quantum Realm?

Doctor Strange

We’ve already seen a little of magic and The Quantum Realm in the MCU with Thor and Ant-Man teasing us with the fantastical. But it’s fair to say that ‘Doctor Strange‘ is going to take it one step further. We already saw that the trailer teased different dimensions and magic spells – but it’s going to get a lot more magical before the film is finished. Scott Derrickson explained his directorial vision on how magic should be perceived in cinema.

“Preserving the idea of magic was really important to me in that we didn’t try to explain it away or root it all in something scientific that, by definition, is not magic to me.  And there’s also the burden of popular magic movies, the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings, which appropriate magic in a very familiar, traditional way.”

He also went on to explain how he thinks that cinema has been influenced by classic films like ‘Star Wars‘. But it also sounds like he doesn’t want to explain away the magic in the film – it’s not all science and chemicals. This is clearly going to be a very visually exciting film to watch.

“I wanted to avoid having fighting be the casting of bolts of light. I really feel like magic has been — we’ve been drawing on the Emperor in Star Wars for over 30 years, you know, and so we gotta start doing this some other way — the magic power, the utilization of magic power.  But yeah, there’s some good fighting in it.  But that fighting is again, always within a context of something I think more fantastical and more surreal and more mind-trippy than just the supernatural action of combat.  That’s I think that’s it’s always supernatural action, combat, fighting within a larger surreal canvas.  That was the thing I always wanted to preserve so that we’re never just watching fighting. We wanted to do something different, and we wanted to tap into this notion of the multiverse, of dimensions right next to our own. And if you were able to tap into those dimensions, and those other powers, and what could you do if you pulled aspects of those other dimensions into our realm.” 

Kevin Feige spoke in great detail how they’re dedicated to making connectivity between the MCU feel fluid and very real. This is something that happens with the inclusion of Ant-Man alongside the rest of the universe.

“You’ve heard me talk about the quantum realm in Ant-Man which was certainly designed for that movie and for that story to take the notion of somebody who has the ability to shrink to another level we’ve never seen before, but as we were doing that, and studying it and talking to the science advisors who are always more than willing to spend an afternoon with us and talk about these amazing things – the quantum realm is another dimension. It tapped into what we had been working on with this movie as well, so that really became the notion that we’re scratching the surface of the quantum realm and then we just do a deep dive in this.”

If these quotes are anything to go by, we’re in for a very wild ride once Stephen Strange graces our screens. A mind-trip of a superhero film could be truly intriguing.

Doctor Strange’ comes to the US on the 14th November.

Source: Collider

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