How ‘The Avengers’ Ties Into ‘Luke Cage’

Luke Cage

Before reading this, you should be aware that we’ll be spoiling events that happen during Marvel’s Luke Cage. Proceed with caution.

Marvel Studios love to say that “everything is connected”, and staying in line with that, there’s plenty of connective tissue between Luke Cage and The Avengers. While other shows merely mention events that have happened in the movies, this show actually goes a step further.

Luke Cage is looking to take down Cottonmouth and his criminal enterprise, and obviously Cottonmouth’s not going to want that to happen. But how do you stop a man with bulletproof skin and super strength? The answer is a bullet called Judas. It’s made from a metal that’s not from Earth… a metal made from the wreckage of the attempted invasion by the Chitauri in the first Avengers movie.

This event was the culmination of all of the movies before it, and it’s obviously had a lasting effect afterwards. The premise of Wilson Fisk’s domination in Daredevil Season 1 is directly related to the destruction caused by Loki’s attempt to take over New York, and ultimately, the planet.

There’s quite a few name-drops in the show too, as well as a guy selling footage of superheroes on the street. It’s little things like this that remind us that these shows and movies take place in the same universe. Now, we won’t say whether or not the bullet is used, though the fact it exists pretty much gives it away.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is streaming on Netflix right now.

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