Supercut Shows HYDRA’s History In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thanks to this amazing supercut we can have a look at the history of HYDRA inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the TV shows to the MCU movies.

MarvelThere is no doubt that Marvel has done an amazing job creating an interconnected cinematic universe, that not only includes 14 films to date but also TV shows that run within the same reality. Of course this is a complex task to say the least and you most definitely need some common threads to merge all of these stories, and one of the big ones has been the global domination oriented organization HYDRA.

Now thanks to an amazing supercut made by MCU Exchange we can have a look at the history of this organization and how it has impacted the world around it. Using clips from the shows and the movies, this video is a noteworthy piece of work for fans of the MCU.

‘From religious secret ancient cult to new world order, Hydra has been a driving force of war, power, and chaos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The evil organization has spawned countless villains, some memorable while some forgettable but all undeniably evil. This is our tribute to worst of the worst and the baddest of the baddest Hydra has ever done. HAIL HYDRA!’

You can catch the clip below.

It is quite amazing to see how much history has been created inside the MCU for the last 8 years, especially for HYDRA. Do you think Hive’s death means we have seen the end of this organization?

Source: MCU Exchange