Ian McShane Shares Some Details For ‘John Wick 2’


In 2014 John Wick came and defied all expectations. The action packed action revenge thriller starring Keanu Reeves was just the right amount of action, humor, and good old-fashioned fun. John Wick’s quest for revenge for the death of his dog would seem like a ridiculous premise, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. The film did a great job at world building and enveloping you into this area of assassins and their daily lives. One of the key characters involved in this world was the owner of the assassins Continental Hotel, Winston, played by Deadwood alum, Ian McShane. Managing the hotel and all its affairs, he was the glue for the world of assassins in the film. It’s no surprise that he would come back for John Wick: Chapter 2.

McShane was able to discuss upcoming details for the sequel with Entertainment Weekly including details on the next villain.

“Well, I’m kind of the only one left from the first one. This is the same kind of premise. It’s not like two years later, but pretty soon after the first one. Keanu [Reeves] is a great guy. They got this terrific Italian kid, Riccardo Scamarcio, who plays the chief villain, who’s excellent, and we have a lot of stuff together. And the guy who directs it, Chad Stahelski, is really smart. He’s been Keanu’s stunt guy for [nearly] 20 years and he’s studied muay-Thai. He’s got every stunt man who’s available for [this film]. The action looks like it was done by somebody out of Hong Kong instead of Hollywood which I always think is a great sight.”

When discussing actual plot details, McShane provided a few details:

“Keanu gets a new dog. But yes, it’s about what comes on him after that. It’s all about the assassin’s code, if you like. He’s killed a Russian gangster and now there’s a contract out on him, so it’s a continuation. I loved the first one. This could be even better than the first.”

Sounds like we are in for another bone-crunching shoot ‘em up that’s promising to be just as entertaining as the first. Are you ready for a second John Wick? Sound off in the comments.

John Wick: Chapter 2 comes theaters on February 10, 2017.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Khalil Johnson

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  • Zach Cooper

    I really hope they don’t kill his dog this time.

    • Splinter76

      Same here. I confess to not being able to watch that part on blu-ray. I always skip it and just watch the action that follows afterwards.

      • Joan Adkins

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      • Zach Cooper

        I watch it because that dog is an incredible actor/actress, but it always makes me feel terrible. Though that does make it more satisfying to watch John unleash his wrath onto the bastards that did it.