Image Comics Co-Founder Rob Liefeld Releases ‘Youngblood’ Movie Script Online

With the 25th Anniversary of Image Comics fast approaching Image co-founder Rob Liefeld, who is also credited with creating Deadpool in his time at Marvel, has released a film script he had written a short while ago for Image Comics first published the title, Youngblood. Better yet, he’s letting you download it for free over at his website.

With the popularity of comic book based movies on the rise, Youngblood has been reportedly considered for a film adaptation numerous in the past, with nothing really coming to fruition. Liefeld does claim in his blog post, though, that this particular script is not being shopped around to studios nor is that the intention of releasing it. So it seems that for now at least, the door has been closed on this particular comic-to-film adaptation.

Liefeld explained the reasoning behind uploading the script for free download:

“It was a story that I wanted to tell, it was a tale I’d been sitting on for years. This is my vision of what a Youngblood movie would look and how it would feel like. I know that fans who have loved Youngblood through the ages are certain to be thrilled by some if not many of the beats throughout this script.”

The good news is, though, Liefeld also commented on bringing the story to life in a different form:

 “It is very likely I’ll adapt this script as a graphic novel in the very near future…”

So if the black and white pages of a script aren’t quite enough to get your imagination flowing, you can at least keep an eye out for a potential revival of this Youngblood tale in the form of a graphic novel.

Source: Rob Liefeld Creations

Joe Hart

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