Elastigirl Is The Star Of ‘The Incredibles 2’; New Artwork Revealed

The-IncrediblesThe first details for Brad Bird’s long-awaited sequel to the 2004 animated superhero film The Incredibles have been revealed along with an official piece of artwork for the project.

During the animation panel of Disney’s biennial D23 Expo, Bird said that Holly Hunter’s Elastigirl is going to be the star of the follow-up, with Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) working as a stay-at-home dad. The director also mentioned that the film is set to introduce a number of new heroes, but he remained tight-lipped when it came to details on these characters.

Nelson, Hunter and the rest of the Incredibles 2 cast, including Samuel L. Jackson, then assembled on stage, with Bird announcing that young actor Huck Milner is the new voice of Dash, taking over for Spencer Fox. Right after that, Bird presented a clip from the movie, featuring Jack-Jack using his powers.

While the clip has not yet been released online, Disney’s official Twitter page shared the following artwork for the upcoming sequel, as well as a cool short about Edna Mode with cameos from the fashion world.

The Incredibles 2 arrives in theaters on June 15, 2018. Stay tuned fore more details and live updates from Disney’s D23 Expo.

Top 10 Superhero Movies That Aren’t Based On Comics

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Superhero movies that don’t derive from comics are a bit rarer than you might think. They come along every once in a while, but usually to spoof the existing state of comic-book movies, perhaps lessening their creative impact. But some of them truly stand out as some of the best superhero movies period, typically by their own merits.

So I’ve gone through the catalog of non-comic based superhero movies to provide the “best,” ranking them according to cultural relevance (for their time at least), the quality of the film itself, and how the film informs the genre as a whole. Not all of these films are necessarily “original,” but that’s almost an impossible task. Though they don’t come directly from traditional comic-book mythologies, all of these movies benefit and draw from established tropes that have been around for centuries. All the way back to Greek Mythology, even.

That said, here are the very best, starting with #10.

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