‘Inhumans’: New Photos of Medusa Might Reveal Major Plot Point

Beware of spoilers because these recent set photos of Serinda Swan as Medusa might show a significant development in the "Inhumans" series.

Marvel Inhumans MedusaTurn back if you’re trying to stay away from any possible Inhumans spoilers! Although there’s no official confirmation here, the set photos of Medusa in this post could potentially indicate a major climax of the series.

Twitter user hawaii_isla808 has been releasing photos of filming progress for the Inhumans the entire time, but the recent photos of Serinda Swan as Medusa are the first ones to show something critical to the series. Check out the series of tweets below:

Notice something a little off? Medusa’s hair is shaved off! At first I thought that this might be to help the VFX for Medusa’s hair on the show, but there are other set photos that refute that claim. On the other side, many fans will recognize that the shaving of Medusa’s head is actually a plot point in the Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee Inhumans series.

For those who do not know, Medusa’s power is the ability to control each strand of her super strong hair. This is the Marvel’s official definition:

“Medusa can control the rate of growth and movement of each strand of her tougher-than-steel hair individually. She maintains this control even when the hair has been cut from her head.”

I have not read the Jenkins/Lee series, so I don’t know how Medusa gets out of that predicament, but it is interesting that Marvel notes that she still maintains control even when her hair is cut off.

Even though Medusa’s haircut is an important part of a popular Inhumans comic, it probably also helps with the film’s budget as MCU Exchange points out. With a number of powers and physical characteristics to employ VFX and CGI on, it will undoubtedly be convenient for Marvel not have to worry about that for a while.

Inhumans is set to debut in IMAX on September 1st before coming to ABC a few weeks later.

Source: MCU Exchange and Twitter