‘Iron Fist’: Alice Eve Wants Comics Accurate Typhoid Mary Look

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Alice Eve, Typhoid Mary on Iron Fist, told Conan O’Brian that she would love to adopt a comics accurate look in future seasons.

Iron Fist season 2 is a massive improvement over season 1 and much of that is thanks to Alice Eve’s portrayal of Typhoid Mary. The classic femme fatale with disociative identity disorder, DID, haunted Danny Rand and Colleen Wing all throughout the current season of Iron Fist and Eve proved herself a welcome addition to the cast. However, she never adopted the comics accurate look that many paneled afficionados were hoping for – and Eve shares their disappointment.

In an interview on Conan, the British actress admitted that she would like to see her character adopt a true to comics look in coming seasons of the show and, when confronted with a picture of Typhoid Mary from the comics, said that her outfit – leather, fishnets, and all – made sense in the context of the character considering the character’s trade is seduction and murder. As Eve herself notes:

“If your motivation is to seduce men and kill them, that is definitely a practical outfit….So I would like to take it definitely in that direction if she has a future, which I hope she does, and I loved playing her. I’d love to explore different sides of her and definitely explore her powers of seduction and how she uses them and manipulates situations to her advantage.”

Eve clearly understands the character well and would not only be comfortable but welcoming of a wardrobe change.

Do you agree of Eve’s stance on the character? Did you enjoy Typhoid Mary’s debut? Sound off in the comments below!

Iron Fist Season 2 is available on Netflix now!

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