‘Iron Fist’ Will Be Getting A New Showrunner For Season 2

Marvel Netflix Iron Fist Finn JonesFollowing yesterday’s announcement that Iron Fist was renewed for a second season, it has been revealed that showrunner Scott Buck will be stepping down from the role. Raven Metzner, best known for his work on Sleepy Hollow, will be taking Buck’s role as the creative leader going forward.

Entertainment Weekly had the chance to speak to Marvel executive Jeph Loeb who gave a statement regarding Metzner’s involvement:

“Raven’s love of all things Iron Fist and his extensive knowledge of martial arts films made him the perfect choice to continue telling the adventures of Danny Rand and Colleen Wing.”

It isn’t surprising that Iron Fist will be receiving a new showrunner considering the mixed to negative reviews the first season received from critics. While fans may have found enjoyment in the season, it’s apparent that Marvel wants more out of the series and is willing to hire new talent if it means a better product.

Iron Fist will next be seen in Marvel’s The Defenders, with all episodes releasing on August 18 on Netflix.

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Iron Fist’s second season currently does not have a release.

Source: EW

5 Reasons To Be Excited For ‘Marvel’s The Punisher’

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Marvel Netflix The Punisher Jon BernthalOne of the greatest things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that it is branching and ever-expanding. There are several movies, shows and other mediums that have expanded upon its huge narrative. The television endeavors have been really successful in showcasing characters and heroes that may not appear in the MCU feature films. These series allow for other great Marvel heroes to flourish and no other character fits the mold better than Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher.

Castle is more commonly known as The Punisher and the series based on this iconic anti-hero is coming later this year. This is certainly an exciting time to be a Punisher fan. There are several reasons why the show has the potential to be a monster hit. I know as a fan myself I’m truly excited for the show’s potential and what can come from it.

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