‘Iron Fist’: Will Finn Jones Be Getting His Own Costume?

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Will Iron Fist star Finn Jones be suiting up at all in the show?

The Marvel Netflix shows have had a habit to either have their characters suit up at the end of the series or in some cases, not have them suit up at all. Daredevil wore black most of the first season until Matt Murdock finally suited up in his iconic red costume. Jessica Jones didn’t have a costume at all and neither did Luke Cage, both preferring to wear jeans and shirt, Jones with a leather jacket as a constant accessory.

In an interview, Finn Jones, who will be playing Danny Rand in Iron Fist, was asked whether or not his character would be getting a costume at all. His response was fairly coy because he’s convinced that Marvel wouldn’t be pleased if he revealed the actual answer.

“I mean, who says there’s going to be a costume? I mean, this is a modern…. I can’t say any more. Marvel’s gonna kill me. There maybe a costume, there may not be.”

That’s not much to go off of, but since it’s not a direct “no,” then perhaps fans should expect Iron Fist to suit up at some point, maybe near the end of the season if past shows are anything to go by.

What do you think? Will Danny Rand get a costume? Will it be in this season of Iron Fist? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: MCU Exchange

Mae Abdulbaki

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