‘Iron Man 3’ Star Guy Pearce Breaks Down Supervillain Aldrich Killian

Guy Pearce Iron Man 3 Aldrich Killian

Bloodshot star Guy Pearce breaks down his previous supervillain role of Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3.

It may feel like a lifetime ago, but before Guy Pearce began manipulating Vin Diesel in Bloodshot he was taking on Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3. In the film, he played Aldrich Killian who was a brilliant scientist who was none the less spurred by Tony Stark before the events of the first Iron Man. After a few initial red herrings regarding Ben Kingsly’s character, it was eventually revealed that Aldrich Killian was the true villain all along.

This was a twist that was not without controversy. While the film was well-received by critics and was a box office success, the twist regarding Guy Pearce’s character had a decidedly mixed reaction. In the film, at first, it appeared as if Ben Kingsly’s Mandarin character was the antagonist. Roughly midway through it was revealed that Ben Kingsly’s character was just an actor who Killian hired to put on a front for the destruction his experiments caused. Now nearly seven years later, Guy Pearce is breaking down what made the character.

During a recent interview, Guy Pearce broke down his role in Iron Man 3 and discussed what made Aldrich Killian who he was and raised the question of if he was a supervillain or not:

“With any of the villains that you play, you get to the heart of where it started, why it’s appearing, what the initial intentions were. Somebody’s got a chip on their shoulder and it just develops and develops and develops where somebody just needs to get revenge or needs to feel like they need to have a place in the world. That’s great stuff to play, because are they a villain, or are they just kind of out of kilter? And they then can just get carried away with themselves. Aldrich Killian’s a young man who’s quite a science nerd, but somebody who’s really rejected from society. And through the brilliance of his innovation and invention, he’s able to create something that enables him to morph into the most perfect version of himself and comes back supposedly a better man. So we go from one extreme to another, which was really quite fascinating.”

You can see the full interview below:

What do you all make of Guy Pearce ‘s comments? Was Aldrich Killian really a villain or was he a man who simply needed professional help in Iron Man 3? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: GQ

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