‘Arrow’ EP Marc Guggenheim Is Not Happy About Tonight’s Shocking Death Leaking

For Arrow fans, tonight is the night where we finally see who is in the grave. For months fans have been speculating on who the death will be, but unfortunately it seems earlier this week someone spoiled it early and ruined the surprise. One person who’s extremely upset about this spoiler leaking is Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim.

For those worried about spoilers, there is no need to worry because they will be none found here. Tonight’s episode is controversial enough without spoiling the big scene.

In an interview with EW, he revealed:

 “I just look at these paparazzi as they’re ruining the party for everybody.  Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with a cemetery, we have to go out on location.  We have to be out in the world. We can’t produce the show just on our soundstages. We have extra on-set [production assistants] patrolling. We try to put things up to block people. It does happen and it just sucks.

He went on to add;

I just look at these paparazzi people like they’re just spoiling it for everybody. They’re kind of taking a big steaming dump on the work that all these people do. They work in Vancouver [for] unbelievable hours — [often] in the rain, terrible conditions — and they do it all to produce shows that everyone can be entertained by and part of being entertained is being surprised.

Now that this spoiler has already hit the internet, it seems fans are even more upset about than many initially feared. Message boards and website forums are already calling this a “perversion of the source material” and calling for a boycott of the show, and while its highly unlikely that anything like that will actually occur, it does not bode well for the show if the actual fans are now giving up on it.

With the death being a significant one, fans can expect the rest of the show moving forward will likely have a huge shift in its own dynamic.

Source: EW

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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