Is ‘Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin Being Considered For A Marvel Role?

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If there are two things that I hold in the highest of nerd-regard, they would have to be Netflix’s Stranger Things and Marvel Studios. That is exactly what makes this piece of news so cool to report. Just a few minutes ago, Marvel Entertainment’s Twitter page tweeted out an image of Stranger Things child actor Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) while he was partaking in a tour of their Studios.

Below the image, Caleb responds thanking Marvel for the tour. Nothing else is stated about why McLaughlin is there, but it could very well be because he is in discussion for an eventual Marvel role. We have seen instances in the past of other actors being invited to the studio to discuss potential roles within their film universe, so this would not be out of the ordinary.

Check out the image below:

The image is of McLaughlin with a Doctor Strange comic and a giant smile on his face as he stands in front of a Marvel backdrop. The caption simply reads a single hashtag: #DrStrangerThings. Marvel picking up a player from Stranger Things now would be a smart move, considering the show just came off of a stellar first season and the actor is still young enough to mold over a series of movies.

Now, don’t get my words twisted, this is far from confirmation of anything, but it is certainly suspicious. Do you think Caleb McLaughlin is being courted for a Marvel role? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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