J.J. Abrams Talks About The Hug Decision At the End Of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Carrie Fisher and J.J. Abrams

Many have brought about the fact, and wondered why Leia and Chewie don’t hug towards the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Instead, Leia hugs Rey when she arrives at the Resistance Base, and Chewie goes past her following an unconscious Finn being taken into care.

Personally, I understood the choice. I don’t have a problem with how things go down. At the same time, I get why Leia and Chewie hugging each other at that moment would have been a good way to go. Han just died, so a lot would think they would go straight to each other. If they would have went that way, it would worked out just as well for sure. However, I think both work.

J.J. Abrams was just asked by Slash Film about about why things went down the way that they did.

He said:

That was probably one of the mistakes I made in that. My thinking at the time was that Chewbacca, despite the pain he was feeling, was focused on trying to save Finn and getting him taken care of. So I tried to have Chewbacca go off with him and focus on Rey, and then have Rey find Leia and Leia find Rey. The idea being that both of them being strong with the Force and never having met, would know about each other — that Leia would have been told about her beyond what we saw onscreen and Rey of course would have learned about Leia. And that reunion would be a meeting and a reunion all in one, and a sort of commiseration of their mutual loss.

J.J. continued saying:

Had Chewbacca not been where he was, you probably wouldn’t have thought of it. But because he was right there, passed by Leia, it felt almost like a slight, which was definitely not the intention.

I completely why it is that he decided to do it the that he did. It think that it goes over really well in my opinion. Again, I get the why people would feel like it should have been done differently though. Either would have been great to me. Chewie was just really worried about Finn in that moment. There is plenty of time for Leia and Chewie to comfort each other after that. Rey being the one Leia goes to at that moment definitely makes a lot sense. To me it’s all good.

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  • There’s so many problems with this film, that this is actually low down at the bottom of the list.

  • thelasttimelord

    JJ should go back a re-edit that scene. Use some shonky CGI to make it look like Chewie and Leia do hug. And just re-release the flick as a special edition or something.

  • Kikaida

    It’s like Chewie not getting a medal after A New Hope (which I call Star Wars). He’s not given the consideration he deserves. After all this time he was still overlooked. Glad JJ sees that now. Otherwise awesome movie.