‘Deadpool’: Jake Gyllenhaal Says Film Earned An Oscar Nomination

Deadpool 3 Movie Ryan Reynolds MCU

If there was one film that comic book fans were upset didn’t grab an Oscar nomination, it was Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool. It appears that Nocturnal Animals star, Jake Gyllenhaal, feels the same way about this apparent Oscar snub. When asked what film deserved a nomination, Gyllenhaal answered with:

“Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. We talk about brilliant performances all the time, you know, the actors who tear themselves apart for their roles, which I’m a believer in. But then I look at Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and I say, ‘No one can do that but him.’ That is truly, purely him. As an artist he struggled for several years to figure that out and it’s all there on the screen. And it’s brilliant.”

It’s fairly well known at this point that Reynolds was trying to get Deadpool on the big screen for around ten years. He was able to play an alternate version of the character in X-men Origins: Wolverine, but it was his solo film that really let Reynolds shine. The Tim Miller directed movie ended up making $363 million after debuting in February.

As a parting quote, Gyllenhaal factors in the role that commercial success and genre can hurt a film in terms of accolades. Unfortunately, comic book and superhero movies still carry a stigma that they offer nothing but mindless entertainment, but Gyllenhaal doesn’t believe that that should take away from what Reynolds did with the character.

“Sure it’s a comic book movie and it’s made a lot of money — but that doesn’t subtract from Ryan’s extraordinary work. Because it’s him. I mean, let’s ask ourselves: What else do we want from people who create? Something that is truly them.”

Although Deadpool did not receive any Oscar nominations, the film did get a nod from the Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical and Best Actor —  Comedy or Musical for Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool 2 is on the way, even though Director Tim Miller will not be returning, with David Leitch taking his place. The script is almost finished, and shooting should begin around summer of this year. Cable, who was promised to be in the sequel, has still not been cast, but one would expect something in the coming months. Keep your eyes on Heroic Hollywood for any more news about the Merc with a Mouth.

Source: Entertainment Weekly